What you need for sewing dresses in the Studio

If you don't know anything about tailoring, and even more have never held a needle and thread, its better to go in the Studio and consult a tailor. It would be better if you take a picture of the dress that the specialist know that you want to get in the end. In the absence of photos or pictures with the dress of your dreams, you can try to explain to the tailor the products details. In both cases, the wizard will give you advice in the choice of fabric, accessories, decorative items, and will also tell you approximately how much your dress will cost.

What determines the cost of tailoring dresses in the Studio

The cost of tailoring dresses in the Studio will vary, depending on dress patterns, tissue type, and region of residence. Dress made from stretch fabric or lace, for example, will always cost more, as these materials are difficult to process. Also the cost of the dress will be longer if it needs to be made from light, white fabric or material caustic colors (acid colors). Prepare to pay a significant amount should the fashionistas who want a dress from plaid, stripes or big flowers or geometric elements.

If the dress includes a large amount of decorative elements (ruffles, asymmetry of the region, the notched cutouts of the neck, both) or trim, the tailor will charge you a large amount.

The cost of tailoring of the dress will also be different for residents of cities and people living in provincial towns.
Sew a simple sheath dress of silk or satin in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg can be for 13-19 thousand rubles. In a small town the cost of such work in the Studio will be 4-8 thousand.

Important details

To dress from Atelier looked on you, you need to take responsibility for taking measurements. It is not necessary to wear shapewear or suck in your stomach, as, otherwise, the finished product will have noticeable defects (for example, strongly pull the belly or to be wide in the back).

If you want to buy fabric for sewing dresses in the Studio on their own, check in advance with your tailor on the subject, what is the fabric consumption will need, and what you need to buy to finish the dress.
If the dress you plan to do embroidery or glue rhinestones, this desire will also affect the total cost of the tailoring.

Before sending the materials for the dress the tailor, check out the prices on tailoring though, in the Atelier and choose the best option for themselves.