Before you choose fabrics for cocktail dresses, you need to know its exact definition. A cocktail dress is called refined elegant women's dress length just above the knee sleeveless and collarless. In General, we can say that the styles of cocktail dresses are perfectly balanced. The clothing is the rule: if the bottom has open sections, then the upper bound to be closed, and Vice versa.

Cocktail dress is usually worn for going to the casino or restaurant for various celebrations and parties that start before 7 PM. This kind of dress is a manifestation of bad taste, if you go in it for a children's party, a trip outside the city or to meet with friends and acquaintances.

Fabric for cocktail dresses: how to choose

Originally, cocktail dresses were made of expensive and beautiful to look at fabrics like velvet, satin and silk. If early velvet dresses looked hard, but now, with the advent of synthetic fibers, it was possible to make a light and delicate velvet with a nice iridescent surface – is not the perfect material for formal wear?

Look amazing dresses made of silk and satin (natural and synthetic). If you'll be wearing a cocktail dress made of natural silk, you can forget about the unpleasant feeling of "hot" tissue while dancing. Atlas also looks nice, especially on narrow dresses-cases, but in warmer seasons it can be suffocating. Use chiffon for cocktail dresses have recently the clothes from this material gives women the incomparable ease and femininity.

The peculiarities of the different types of fabric when sewing cocktail dresses

If you decide to sew cocktail dress on their own, but have never encountered the above fabrics, you will have to consider some of their features. Drape will look beautiful only on dresses of satin and silk – the same element velvet dresses will be much heavier clothing.

In the presence of the luster material for the dress you will be limited in the use of decorative elements – lace, rhinestones, ruffles, etc. otherwise the outfit will look too flashy and vulgar. For example, overloading decor cocktail dresses of velvet or satin is not necessary, as these materials are pretty self-sufficient.

Chiffon dress also should not have a large amount of jewelry.

Care cocktail dresses of velvet, silk and chiffon

If you chose silk or velvet, you will need to carefully wear this dress, as well as to pay due attention to care. Dresses made of silk should be washed by hand in warm water with added vinegar – the latter will take any stains from this material. Velvet cocktail dress you also need to wash hands, in any case not to squeeze and RUB. The ideal option for that cocktail dresses will be the cleaning, as even with the most gentle wash on velvet can appear creases, violation of the pile direction.

To care for chiffon cocktail should be about the same as velvet or silk.