Causes of false pregnancy in dogs quite a lot. It may be the change in hormone levels, when falling progesterone and increasing prolactin. You may receive a false pregnancy and in that case, if the pairing happened in the last days of estrus. Such symptoms appear in those dogs who have been diagnosed malfunctions of the thyroid gland.

How to determine the development of false pregnancy in dogs

Before you start to treat false pregnancy in dogs, it is necessary to diagnose. This can be done both by circumstantial evidence and medical examination. If you notice that your dog starts to nest, i.e., pulling off the cloth and paper in one place and there to shape the nest so she thinks she's pregnant.
However, it is worth considering that dogs usually nest in secluded places, so that you can not immediately notice such an oddity in the behavior of the animal.

Indirectly, on the development of false pregnancy indicates excessive maternal activity to different things - from toys to shoes and other items. Also the dog at this point may increase the mammary glands. And sometimes you can even see the eye-catching milk or serous sometimes secret, is similar to colostrum.

Also among the signs pointing to the development of false pregnancy include loss of appetite in the animal, the emergence of constipation, weight gain, vaginal discharge, increasing the volume of the stomach. If you see these symptoms, but not sure that the dog is pregnant, you need to quickly take her to the doctor.

Medical diagnostics in the first place, will be based on the physical examination, i.e. polerowanie and abdominal x-rays. In some cases, the required ultrasound. Also, doctors usually charge more, and the biochemical analysis of blood in the animal.

How to treat false pregnancy

Usually a false pregnancy resolves on its own in about 2-3 weeks after its inception. In most cases this happens without any consequences. Treatment used only in cases when the false pregnancy is characterized as complicated.

For starters, experts recommend to reduce the amount the dog consumes liquid to reduce milk production.
Sometimes doctors offer owners of dogs with false pregnancy to find objects for the education of such a failed mother. For example, she can become a nurse for the other puppies.

If the disease is too severe or the cause of false pregnancy is in the hormonal changes, doctors may recommend a corrective reception of hormonal preparations. However, this can be done only on the advice of a veterinarian and under his full control.

Sometimes offered treatment with homeopathic medicine. However, it should be remembered that such treatment will be long enough. Moreover, the medication should provide, at the same time.

Sometimes the owners of the suffering of the animal decide to make sterilization of the dog to avoid the development of false pregnancy. Doctors do not recommend to perform this procedure if the false pregnancy has developed. It is best to sterilize the dog after treatment to avoid recurrence of such problems.