The first signs indicating the beginning of the disease, could be a change in the taste preferences of your puppy – it can get intensely chew on furniture, books, lick whitewashed walls with lime. The puppy may change the gait, it can start to limp, paws are weak. After a while, feeling the joints, you can detect thickening, the pressure on the bone becomes painful for the dog. Do not wait until the deformation of the bones of the head and of the pelvis, immediately begin treatment.
Как у собак выглядит лишай
Treatment need complex. It is better to show the puppy to the vet, who will prescribe the drugs of calcium and phosphorus. Balance the dog's diet, it daily must be raw meat, and once a week a slice of boiled sea fish with no bones. You can also give it in accordance with the dosage, depending on weight, medications fish oil. Be sure to give your puppy milk products, milk and cottage cheese, oatmeal, rye bread and butter. But raw egg yolks add plain crushed shells and crushed bones.
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Daily walk with the dog, especially on Sunny days. Just like humans, exposed to direct sunlight in the body of the dog begins to produce vitamin D. If the window is winter, make your favorite Solarium with a mercury-quartz lamp. Better to put the puppy on the back and keep the lamp at a distance of about 1 meter. Sessions of artificial tanning start with 2 minutes and bring them up to 7-8 minutes. Usually, it is enough just 10-15 sessions. Don't forget to cover the dog's eyes with a visor or a folded towel.
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Let your puppy vitamin supplements, containing vitamins a, D, E. it Can be administered intramuscularly "Trivitamin" them at the rate of 1 ml per 10 kg of weight of the puppy. You must make at least three injections at intervals of 7 days. You can then pierce "Ergocalciferol" in the appropriate weight dosage. Intravenously inject the puppy gluconat calcium 2-3 times a day for half a gram. Be sure to consult your veterinarian when determining the dosage of drugs.
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