You will need
  • veterinary or conventional sphygmomanometer;
  • - the stethoscope.
Ask someone from the family to hold the dog by the collar. Wear the cuff veterinary blood pressure cuff on any foot or tail of the animal (at its base). The device is very easy to use, it produces a measurement of pressure and provides information automatically. Normal for dogs is a pressure of 150 over 90 mm Hg. Small breeds "upper" pressure can reach up to 160-170 mm Hg. article
как измерить собаку
Measure pressure in dogs normal blood pressure, if you have no veterinary. It's easier if the tonometer will be children's cuff. In addition, for measuring pressure you will need a stethoscope.
как замерять рост собаки
Lay the dog on its side. The animal must be in peace. Put on the cuff of the tonometer on the front or on the back of the dog's paw. Inflate the air in the cuff with pear. This can be done and your helper.
бешенство у собак причины
Slowly release air from cuff. Follow the indications of the manometer of the device, at the same time listening to the pulse on the artery with a stethoscope. The value of "upper" pressure on the gauge will match the beginning of a pulse, the value of "lower" pressure, the unit will show the time when the pulse in the stethoscope will stop reading.
как померить температуру у собаки
Apply the palpation method of measuring the pressure in the absence of a stethoscope, or pulse if it is bad bugged. The dog must also be in rest and supine position. Put on the cuff of the blood pressure cuff on her hind leg. Put your fingers to the femoral artery of the dog.
Какая нормальная температура тела у собаки
Ask your assistant to pump the air in the cuff, and then slowly lower it. Follow the readings and at the same time with your fingers palpate the pulse in the femoral artery of the dog. The value of "upper" pressure on the gauge will match the beginning of the appearance of the pulse, the value of "lower" pressure, the device will show in the moment when you stop feeling your fingers on the pulse of the arteries of the dog.
Keep in mind that if the way of measuring a normal blood pressure in dogs pressure ranges. Via the femoral artery and its maximum magnitude can range from 165 to 188 mm Hg, minimal 29 mm to 34 mm. In maximum brachial artery pressure is from 130 to 145 mm, minimum of 29 to 37 mm Hg.