You will need
  • - liquid nail Polish remover;
  • - cotton pads;
  • sticks of orange tree;
  • - foil.
The easiest way to remove varnish is to wipe it with a special liquid. Soak in it a cotton pad and apply it to the nail. Then make a few movements from the base to the edge of the plate. Try to keep the paint smeared on the skin. If this occurs, grab a new disc, soak it with fluid and repeat the procedure. So it is good to remove gloss enamel, lacquers, gels, means with a matte texture.
You can use liquid with acetone or without. Note that more than a tool of nutritional supplements and oils, the worse will remove a varnish. Never use pure acetone, it is very dry the nails, making them yellow and brittle. For removing varnish gel is a special liquid, but you can use ordinary.
A great way to remove glossy or matte varnish is a special jar with a sponge impregnated with liquid for removing nail Polish. It is enough to insert a finger into the slot in the sponge and then get it without lacquer. The whole procedure takes no more than 10 seconds. For several dense layers of paint may need a little more time.
If you frequently repaint the nails and use different shades of lipstick, get two jars. One will help you to remove bright enamel, with the other you will remove dark and shiny varnishes. After a while the sponge will become dirty and will stain your fingers. It is a sign that the jar must be replaced with a new one.
The most difficult to remove varnishes with glitter, and also means sand textures. To remove this manicure you will need liquid nail Polish remover, cotton pads and food foil. Pre-cut the disks in half, foil, divide into pieces.
Moisten half of the disks with liquid varnish remover. Then wrap the discs around the nails, and the top tightly wrap each finger with foil. Leave this compress on for 10 minutes and then carefully unwind the strips. Try to erase the nail Polish. If it is not softened, add more liquid and repeat the procedure. Particularly stubborn glitter can be removed using wooden sticks for manicure.
To remove the gel Polish will help the same trick with the foil. However, after the coating is softened, it will have to be removed manually. Get a set of sticks of orange tree and scrape the nail working from cuticle to nail tip. Be careful not to injure the skin. In conclusion, wipe nails clean with a swab dipped in liquid varnish remover.
Those who do not like to wash the varnish, you can use a new special base. It is applied over nail Polish, and a few days removed together with it as a film. This coating is particularly suitable for those who love enamel with sparkles, but doesn't want to overdry your nails nail varnish.