The first thing you must care is the choice of fluid for removal of varnish. Most cheap products contain acetone – it copes with the dissolution of varnish but unfortunately, with it removes and fat components of the nail. This makes it brittle. Therefore, a more modern liquid nail Polish remover are made less harmful to your nails esters and alcohols (methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate, amylacetate) and are composed of emollients, the wax or fat. For particularly sensitive or brittle nails developed special creams and emulsions for removal of a varnish where the mitigation components much more.
In order to remove the Polish, take a cotton swab of pure cotton (synthetic wool is better not to use) and soak it a "wash". Wash the varnish must be done very carefully, towards the center of the nail. Try to keep the paint smeared on around the nail to scrape it from the skin will be much more difficult.
After the lacquer is completely removed, necessarily wash your hands with warm water and soap is necessary in order to neutralize the effect included in the liquid solvents. Nails it is better to clean a special brush to mechanically remove the remnants of the old varnish.
Do not rush immediately to apply fresh nail Polish – nails need to give a little "breathe". Ideally, wash the varnish needs for a day or two before painting nails. But, if it is possible to make such a long break, no pause for the night or at least for a few hours.