Irkutsk state technical University offers its students training in 146 specialties. Graduates emerge with highly qualified specialists in the field of rocketry, architecture, automotive, agriculture, bioengineering, Geology, drilling, mining, journalism, innovation, mapping, etc. in the same large institution is the Irkutsk state University. There are future teachers, scientists, managers, lawyers and environmentalists. In the East Siberian Academy there are such faculties as "Preschool pedagogy", "Psychology", "Foreign language", "Safety", etc.
In the East-Siberian Institute of the interior Ministry's offer to be trained in 4 specialties: "Fire specialization", "law Enforcement", "Law" and "Forensic examination". From the Institute of international tourism out future employees of customs and managers of organizations. Popularity among applicants is the University of communication lines.
Highly qualified physicians and pharmacists produces medical University. Graduates interested in foreign languages, can arrive in Irkutsk state linguistic University. Agricultural Academy provides training for future veterinarians, agronomists, technologists, livestock, land surveyors, livestock specialists, biologists and machine operators. Also functioning in Irkutsk the Eastern-Siberian Institute of Economics and law, Baikal national University of Economics and law, Siberian Academy of Economics, law and management, Baikal Institute of Humanities, etc. Also open branches of universities of Vladivostok, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.
In Irkutsk, opened nearly 30 colleges and technical schools. Lovers of creativity and art can go to the theatre or art school. The future of Bank employees and businessmen are expected at the College of business and law, management and entrepreneurship and school of banking. Also, the city has three medical colleges of aviation and agricultural colleges, school of film and television and the regional College of culture. Technicians and engineers release exploration, energy, engineering, Polytechnic colleges.
In the vocational schools of Irkutsk teach such working professions, as a Mason, carpenter, painter, machinist, driver, welder, Turner, electrician, carpenter, Metallurgist, operator, etc. the city has more than a dozen vocational schools. Submission of documents to the educational institution ends before 1 September.