Is there an Allergy to meat

Allergy to meat is not a new phenomenon, but are quite rare. This is because the heat treatment of this product can reduce its ability to provoke allergic reactions. It is therefore particularly susceptible to such allergies the raw food enthusiasts and connoisseurs, for example, the dish called "tartare" (raw ground beef with egg and spices).

Typically, the reaction occurs only when consuming certain types of meat. Much more common are allergic to horsemeat, pork, and chicken meat. The most safe in this plan are lamb, beef, Turkey, rabbit. The degree of allergenicity depends on the protein in the meat of different animal species.

Features of Allergy to chicken meat

Allergy to chicken meat is quite specific. It is distinguished by the unpredictability of consequences. It is characterized by the usual symptoms of food poisoning or intolerance, which, as a rule, are exclusion of the bird from the diet. However, sometimes Allergy symptoms after ingestion of chicken meat can be quite severe - up to anaphylactic shock.

The main allergens in meat are protein (serum albumin) and gamma globulin. With acute sensitivity to these substances may be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach. However, the primary signs of allergies to chicken meat are rash, tearing, redness, fever. Can also cause itching on different areas of the body, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Cause sudden bouts of anaphylaxis after consumption of chicken is contained in meat is alpha-galactose - to such conclusion the American scientists on the basis of the experiments. This substance is produced in all mammals, but only a person has antibodies to it. In the interaction of alpha-galactose antibody, there is a severe Allergy. To manifest this reaction can suddenly, that is, not immediately after eating chicken meat, and after a few hours, or even days.

In addition, allergies can be caused by antibiotics, which is stuffed chicken. They are used on poultry farms to accelerate growth chickens and prevent infections. As a rule, the greatest amount of antibiotics contained in the breast of a bird, and the smallest in the hips.

How to recognize an Allergy to chicken meat

To find out whether he inclined your body is to allergies to chicken meat, you must see an allergist and donate blood from a vein in specific IgE (immunoglobulins). When you receive a positive result, the doctor will give recommendations for treatment. In each case, the scheme of treatment is individual. All depends on the severity of symptoms, characteristics of the organism and age.