Poisoning meat or fish product is considered a medicine one of the most severe cases. However, it is not always caused by meat, which began the process of decay. Often, the disease of "blame" toxins sticks paratyphoid and enteritah groups, or botulism. So you should buy a reliable meat product in locations where the product is subject to obligatory control. And yet it happens that due to forgetfulness or occupation, the owners forget to put the purchased meat in the freezer, and the next morning finds him with a specific smell.

Is it possible resuscitation of the product

If the meat was initially proper quality and frozen in one night, it won't spoil. However, in summer, in the heat, fresh meat for a period of time will begin to exude a putrid "fragrance" especially in rapidly changing the quality of fat lumps. Meat is one of expensive products and throw them not worth it, although the health is also expensive.

Without unnecessary panic, inspect the product, rinse it under running water. Though it is believed that rinsing the meat affects its taste, but in this situation, of two evils choose the lesser need. As a rule, if the process of deterioration has only just begun, the smell on the surface of the piece, which can be even a bit slippery. But in the context of the within the meat flavourless. Fears were groundless – the meat is quite edible.

For greater certainty it can hold about 30 minutes in a weak solution of manganese. The high concentration of – absence from the situation, it can only increase unpleasant odor during further heat treatment. If the meat is slightly tainted, then come to the aid of vinegar essence. Slightly acidic solution that will remove the remnants of the smell and act as a preservative.

The view that the vinegar softens the meat, wrong. On the contrary, he returns it to its former elasticity and eliminates odors. Further, the meat can be cooked in any way, but it is preferable to roast with the participation of the spices. If there is a beginning process of decomposition, to put yourself in danger makes no sense. Although in the tradition of some ethnic dish "tainted" is recognized as the most exquisite delicacy.

Adopting the experience of South-Eastern cuisine

In General, not just Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese are famous for exotic sauces and other dishes that refute the opinion of Europeans about what a bad smell necessarily implies the same taste. The main ridge of the cuisine of these peoples is very questionable freshness of the ingredients used. The term "freshness" refers almost raw vegetables, fish and meat that are cooked for half an hour and the products are undergoing extensive training so long that it is questionable whether it is.

So, the famous Chinese "rotten eggs" prepared in such a way that are placed in a special solution for a few months to acquire unnatural coloring of protein, egg yolks and smell with a strong flavor. Popular today sushi was originally a fermented fish that, in fact, were in the process of digestion, placed under the press with the rice. Rice was needed in order to accelerate and intensify decay.

Seafood, of course, consumed most of the above peoples, but in terms of residence on the territory of Russia Koreans and Chinese often make the wonders of cooking with meat, and offal, and even with such a poisonous plant as night blindness. It is important to soak it properly in water and boil. Fans of extreme power coming to the conclusion that a definite answer to the question, is it possible to have meat with flavor, no. It all depends on how this food might make unsuitable for this kind of food to the stomach and to assess consciousness.