Feed for turkeys and chickens: is there a difference

It often happens that in the village or the village turkeys are bred on only one farm, and in all other – solely of laying hens. And turkeys are beginning to use chicken feed as just another hard to get. Like outwardly all is well, the mass loss of poultry is not observed, but to sense from such feeding for turkeys is almost there. The reason is that the nutritional value of chicken feed for them is insufficient. They require proteins and vitamins in larger quantities.

But if we are talking about young animals, this difference in the physiological needs of the turkeys and chickens even more noticeable. When the chickens grow up, they need to be converted to food with lower nutritional value, thus increasing the diet content of dietary fiber and calcium. It is important to prepare young individuals for carrying eggs. Transfer the chickens to a new feed allows you to stop premature puberty, promote weight and to complete the formation of the skeleton. And crude fiber improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

In turkeys the fry are growing very rapidly, so the choice of food for them should be treated with special care: this depends on the viability of birds, weight gain, and meat quality. The easiest option is to buy turkeys ready feed produced at the plant. But you can prepare balanced food, not inferior to the nutritional value of the factory, the following components: corn, barley, wheat and oat crushed grain, sunflower seed cake, yeast. For the enrichment of protein, you can add bone meal or cottage cheese. Knead this mixture for better milk, feed at the rate of 30 g per one individual.

Feed for ducks

If you compare chickens and ducks, you can see that latest in chicken feed is lacking in calories and crude protein. In summer their food, you can use this food. The lack of nutrients they can fill through greens and root vegetables. But in winter feed you will need to add skim milk, pea, bony and hay flour, starchy vegetables.

If you use in feeding the ducks whole grain, it must germinate. This food they are very useful when they are preparing to breed. There is evidence that sprouted grains helps to improve the quality of the eggs.

Important to know: when a bird kept in a room where there are temperature extremes, the amount of feed should be increased to 20%.