If you experience allergies for the first time, you have to think what could to provoke it. The most dangerous foods are seafood and some varieties of fish, citrus, red fruits and vegetables, eggs, honey, chocolate, milk, meats and pickles. Try to eliminate them from your diet and observe the reaction. If the allergen has not been identified, sit for a few days on a hypoallergenic diet. Adult this diet should not last longer than two to three weeks. Children should not exceed 7-10 days. With the improvement of the condition every three days to introduce a new product and also watch the reaction.
The most allergenic foods include vegetables of green and white flowers: zucchini, cauliflower, and cabbage, turnips, cucumbers, and broccoli. The potatoes must be soaked in water for 10-12 hours before cooking. If you want fruit, give preference to green apples, pears, white cherries and bananas. From cereals you can safely eat buckwheat, rice and corn. If you are not allergic to gluten, you can add the oatmeal. Wheat and rye bread is better to replace the bread of the allowed cereals.
Hypoallergenic varieties of meat are considered lean beef, lamb and Turkey meat. Also is safe to consume beef liver. With caution should treat such fish as pike perch, cod and hake. They relate to the allergens of moderate severity. Dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, sour cream), sunflower and olive oil, the greens are also allowed to eat. Coffee is better to replace weakly brewed tea, juice or broth hips.
Limit consumption of sugar, cocoa and chocolate. If you want sweet, choose natural no dyes marmalade, marshmallows, white marshmallows. The tea can be purchased cracker, drying and lingering biscuit. From buns, cakes, pastries and cakes should be abandoned.
That can be prepared from allowed foods? Cook vegetable soup. Boil the potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. Add the onions, fried with a small amount of carrot, and greens. So the soup turned out hearty, you can add Turkey meat or cereals. As a main dish, saute the liver with onions in a cream sauce or bake fish in foil, with herbs. On the side suitable buckwheat rice with vegetables or potatoes. The bag should be temporarily removed from the diet.