The story of the birth of the Bahai religion one of the most peaceful compared to the birth of Judaism, Christianity or Islam. As once Christianity broke forth from Judaism, from Islam broke off a branch of the Baha'is. In Russian language the name of the new religion is translated as the religion of Light, because the word "Bach" in Arabic means light, effulgence or glory.
The character of Baha'i devyatikonechnoy star. Adherents of the Baha'is greet each other with "Allah-u Abha," which means "God is most Glorious". At the initial stage of the formation of religion, the greeting sounded more Muslim interpretation as "Allah-u Akbar".
In the 60-ies of the XIX century in Iraq, based on one of the Islamic currents, whose founder was a young Iranian merchant, Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi was born a new doctrine and beliefs, which over time has grown and grown, attracting an increasing number of supporters. One of these supporters was an Iranian nobleman, Mirza Husayn ' Ali, better known under the name of Baha'u'llah. Thanks to his awareness efforts, Islam spread in the world.
At the age of 27 years, in 1844, Bahul refused the inheritance of his family and began to practice an ascetic way of life, since the main idea of the teachings of Baha'i is to protect the poor and disadvantaged of corruption and arbitrary power. Subsequently, the leaders of the new religious cult became the heirs of Baha'u'llah.
That is one of the last heirs of the founder of the Baha'i, namely his grandson, Shoghi Effendi, became the conductor of the Baha'is in the Western European world, since he translated many Scriptures, and covenants of Baha'is from Arabic to English.
Currently worldwide, there are over 5 million adherents of the Baha'is. Perhaps, at the present time there is not a single country where I would not have lived the followers of the new faith. This belief has positioned itself as a unifying world religion, in which there are a few immutable principles.
First: humanity is one family and it's time for its unification into a peaceful global society.
Second: economic problems are spiritual problems. Economic justice and prosperity will come only when it is recognized as a fundamental link between the spiritual and practical aspects of life.
Third: truth is understandable. The person is obliged to investigate and attain new knowledge.
Fourth: God is one. The whole universe is created by one Creator. God has revealed Himself through Messengers, who founded all the world's religions in order to guide the world and admonitions to teach mankind.
Fifth: humanity is a single family. In a single family can not be divided by race, nation, ethnic or cultural groups.
Sixth: women and men are equal is a mandatory postulate of human development and transformation of society.
In 1963 the followers of Baha'i have created the universal House of Justice, which currently conducts all the Affairs of religion, the bahá'í international community and coordinates the activities of all spiritual communities.