Advice 1: Where and how did Islam

Islam, which means in Arabic "submission", "submission", is one of the most widespread world religions. Believers who practice Islam are called Muslims. They believe in one God – Allah, who revealed his will to men through a messenger (prophet) Mohammed, resident of the Arabian Peninsula. In one of the Muslim prayers and said: "there is No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet." The Holy book of Muslims is Qur'an and pray in Arabic.
Where and how did Islam

Islam is a young religion compared with Buddhism or Christianity. Muslims claim that when the future prophet Muhammad was 40 years old, it suddenly appeared the angel Gabriel and began to dictate the first Chapter (verses) of the Qur'an. According to modern chronology, it happened in the year 610 ad. The next few years Muhammad preached the new faith among his entourage.

Initially, the number of adherents of Islam was very small, but after Muhammad started preaching in a large shopping Mecca, it has increased dramatically. The popularity of Mohammed contributed to such provisions of Islam as the prohibition of usury, the claim for gratuitous assistance to the poor and needy. It's caused the hostility to the latter-day prophet from the nobility of Mecca. Fearing for his life, Muhammad was forced to move with his family, close relatives and companions in the nearby town of Yathrib. This migration (Arabic, "Hijra) occurred in 622, is considered the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

Muhammad renamed Yathrib to Medina and declared it a city where a new faith will begin their victorious March. Over the next ten years, he United under his rule almost all Arab tribes. Shortly before the death of Muhammad occurred in 632, the urban elite of Mecca recognized his power. Thus, on the territory of the Arabian Peninsula formed the government of the Arab Caliphate.

After the prophet's death his followers began to carry out raids outside Arabia. The troops of the Byzantine Empire and the Persian state of Sanasida was dealt a cruel defeat. Light Arab cavalry terrified the enemies. At the turn of 30-40 years of the VII century the Arabs conquered Egypt. But in 661, the capital of the Caliphate was moved to Damascus conquered – one of the largest and richest cities of the then world.

Thanks to gains in a relatively short time Islam became the dominant religion in the vast territory of Asia and Africa. In 711 the Arabs crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, established his power on the Iberian Peninsula. Their further advance into Europe was stopped by the military leader Charles Martel, defeated the troops of Caliph Abdurrahman at the battle of Poitiers in 732.

Advice 2: How to convert to Islam in Moscow

Islam is one of the most popular world religions. Muslims cherish reverence for their Holy places and traditions, many of them support each other in difficult life situations. Islam can be taken in the capital of Russia.

The rejection of past beliefs

Before accepting Islam, it is necessary to abandon the old faith. Although all world religions (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) preach the principles of kindness and respect, the transition to the new faith negatively perceived by the majority of the followers of your former religion. The procedure of "renunciation" in the form in which it is represented in many religions, Islam does not exist. You will not be forced to renounce Jesus, if you are a follower of Catholicism or Orthodoxy. Moreover, Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet under the name of "ISA."

A rite of passage

Quran, the Holy book of the Muslims, and according to the Koran everyone to recognize Allah can become Muslims. In Moscow, there are many mosques, and you need to visit an Islamic temple for the religion.

One of the main mosques of the capital - the Historic Mosque. It is located at the address: Bolshaya Tatarskaya street, house 28. Famous and Large Mosque - one of the oldest in Russia (under construction). Only in Moscow more than 300 mosques; faith in any Islamic temple.

Traditions, holidays

Muslims respect in Russia, in our country there are many mosques, but there are even regions with predominant Muslim religion. It is Tatarstan, Dagestan, the Chechen Republic. Every devout Muslim seeks to make a pilgrimage to the main Muslim Shrine - the black stone "Kaaba" in Mecca.

In Moscow there are many places to meet Islamic holidays. The holiday of "Eid al-Adha has a special significance for followers of Islam. For this holiday you need to make a sacrifice by stabbing bought without bargaining, honestly earned money, sheep. At the time the holding of "Eid" in Moscow have encountered serious difficulties - sacrifice was done in an inappropriate place. This problem has been solved by the Council of Muftis (Islamic priest) of Russia: there is a special Muslim slaughterhouse, which needs to do the sacrifice.

Islam in everyday life

"Convert" is not easy to develop the domestic foundations of Islam. First, it is necessary to observe a five-fold washing every day. Is complicated and the longest post - month "Ramadan". Eat during Ramadan would be a sunrise.

"Halal" is a special Muslim food. The first shop selling food to Muslims in Russia became a supermarket "Bahetle" in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic. Recently "Bakhetle" was opened in Moscow.
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