You will need
  • - special teams
  • - classic version of the game
  • - special mods and cheats
The easiest way for you to experience the delights of the gameplay in the creative to install on your computer (or other similar device you use to play) the classic free version of Minecraft. There you will not even be options of mode selection, as only available the creative. Try it in action, and at the same time practice the skills that you will need more "hard" versions of the game, like hardcore, or at least difficult level of survival (Survival) - for example, combat with monsters.
When you install any paid version of the game, you will still have the opportunity to "domainservice" in the creation, if it provides a function of regime change. This is usually done in a special section of the menu and is available in some earlier versions. However, when this option you are missing, try to "circumvent" it. Before the creation of the world in the game, write the corresponding cheats that in the future would allow to change the modes and add geymlpey you are interested in fashion.
Many modifications will help you to experience the possibilities of Creative, if all other attempts to switch to this mode fail. First of all, try in this regard the famous and very popular among gamers mod TooManyItems. It has virtually all the qualities inherent in creative mode, for example, allows you to extract more than the usual number of diverse resources - including expensive and rare. Download the installer of this mod and place the files from his archive to his Minecraft Forge into the mods folder (here, by the way, installing any other version of the game).
You will immediately notice the changes, when you have in your inventory will have plenty of new blocks and other useful things. However, for adding crafting recipes and potions also try other fashion - for example, Single Player Commands Not Enough Items or. Thanks to these plugins you in the gameplay will become almost omnipotent character. Any resources to be mined by you almost with a single stroke of the pickaxe, the weather (and time) you will change the menu according to his will, and that you will - if desired - be able to teleport to any desired point on the map and for a few seconds to get out of the mine, even to say no.
Playing on the server, to enable creativity to simply refer such request to the webmaster. Meanwhile, you can, if the technical characteristics of the platform allow it to carry out such a switching independently. Use any of the following command options (which one of them works, will be found out only empirically, since it depends mainly from the specific server installations): /creative (activate) /gamemode 1 or /gm 1. If you want to go back to Survival, replace in the above commands is 1 to 0.