You will need
  • - license key game
  • - pirate servers
  • - another nick
  • - the file with the correct skin
If you a beginner in Minecraft, after check in it by default you stand in the way of a "miner" Steve - kid with light eyes and brown hair, dressed in a turquoise t-shirt and subtle blue pants. This character is very common, but because many people will quickly get bored. I wish to change it for someone else - take action depending on the specific game circumstances.
In order to change in Minecraft your character, you just give him another skin. When you are the happy owner of a licensed copy of this popular game, make like you is extremely easy. Go to any website offering different versions of the game appearance, select among them the one that you love, and click on available next to him the inscriptions about adding it on Now this skin will be with you all the time you'll spend gameplay, on any game resources. Bored - change it as easily in one click.
When you have installed a pirated copy of Minecraft, change the character. There are several ways, but all of them have drawbacks. I wish to be able to change the skin in a single click - go to any pirate server. After registering there you will see different gaming options appearance. Select one click the most appropriate for you and your character in the game get the skins. However, it is likely that before the start of the gameplay you will need to install a special launcher, the installer which you will find on the same server.
If you do not wish to deal with pirate gaming sites use other means to change the character. Download from any resource that contains the skins, the file with those that you like. Already on your computer rename it to char.png. Then open using whatever archiver your minecraft.jar and remove in it the document with the name identical to the above. Then place in the folder where it was located your recently created file with the skin. Now in the game your character will be exactly with this appearance - but to see it, unfortunately. For the rest of the gamers you will still be Steve.
When this state of Affairs does not suit you, since you crave the chance to demonstrate interesting the appearance of your character to other members game multiplayer resources, we proceed somewhat differently. Search the Internet liking your skin and note carefully the spelling of the nick, with which it is associated. Now on all servers register it under that name. Your character from now on, everyone will see this as you want, but as long it's not going to change, not predict one. If the holder of the license of the account whose name you have borrowed, dare to change your character's appearance, a similar fate will await you.