You will need
  • - classic version of Minecraft
  • - cheats and some mods
  • - special teams
If you have installed the free classic version of Minecraft, there's even a toggle to do. Creative mode is the only available game variants. Select it if you are a novice gamer, and you want to practice in the extraction of various resources. That is a skill that is extremely useful to you when you decide to play in Survival mode (survival), like most other "micropterus".
It is much harder to switch to Creative in other version of Minecraft. If you have not "classics", make sure in advance about the possibility of switching to different modes and fashion. Even when you create the game world, write the corresponding cheats. However, in some versions (especially older ones) you will still be able to switch modes. This is done in the appropriate section in the menu.
When nothing of the above helps, try another effective way to switch to the coveted creative mode - install some mods, in which it is valid. Particularly different in this regard known modification TooManyItems. It offers all the available mode Creative functions. First of all, you will notice this by the number of common resources: even those that in other variations of "Minecraft" you met in a limited number, you will get here is just not incredible amounts. Edited by gamer here lend themselves to many game components, including weather.
However, not only one of the above modes is able to provide you a welcome transition into the creative mode. Use other modifications, usually to help a lot of players to switch different variations of the game. The most popular in this regard are Not Enough Items and Single Player Commands. Installing these (and any other mods) into the mods folder Minecraft Forge on your computer, you will get wide creative play opportunities. You will be able arbitrarily to change the weather, some of the characteristics of the environment, to teleport to any desired point, almost overnight, to get out of the mine, etc.
When you play on the server if you are administering it in person - ask admin to include you Creative. Yourself this is done in several ways (depending on the specific technical characteristics of the platform). Type in the chat (calling it by pressing "t") the following command: /gamemode 1. When this does not work, you can help other option: /creative (include) or /gm 1. When the "be creative" you get bored, you can always go back to survival mode. This is done by typing in the chat of one of the three commands: /gamemode 0, /survival or /gm 0.