Though, as you know, the introductory briefing is seen by many as an unnecessary formality, yet such things should not be neglected. If you have at this point in time the whole all arms and legs and all seemed fine, it does not mean that you do not cut off the finger of an industrial fan, if you're careless with it. Such things must understand every instructively.
Briefing held with the newly hired, but also temporary workers, business travelers, students (students, passing practice in the enterprise). Also instruction should be preceded by laboratory and practical classes in the study of work and on the street.
So, to spend instructing, you need to choose the room for free placement of all instructively. This is usually the office of labour protection or specially equipped for this purpose room.
Coaching conducted by a specially authorized person. As such person may act as a specialist in labor protection, and any employee assigned a senior Manager to this position.
To improve the efficiency of conducting the briefingand it is possible to use various demos. Under such content refers to not only the posters but also the video, or specially designed for such purposes of the program-directories.
The aim reference application is to demonstrate all the necessary regulatory, legal and other documents connected with the topic.
After holding an introductory briefingand you must make an entry in the register of introductory instructionand with binding signatures instructively and instructs.