Determining the sex of the baby using ultrasound in medicine is considered to be the most accurate way. During pregnancy, the ultrasound procedure is performed at least three times in the first trimester, the second and third. Each time the estimated state of development of the fetus. At the age of twenty-two weeks the child has already established enough privates to conducting the study, the doctor was able to determine the sex.
Some of the moms complain that on the ultrasound they wrongly identified the sex of a baby. Sometimes it happens – the procedure is the same for all its virtues, can not show all with absolute precision. More is not always doctor performing the ultrasound, can all be considered. The child in the womb is lying completely still. Most toddlers touch sensor to the abdomen of the mother really do not like, they begin to toss and turn, hiding his private parts. The smaller the period on which the procedure is carried out, the probability of error is more.
The sex of the baby is determined at conception, but the genitals will begin to form no earlier than in 5-7 weeks. On small term of pregnancy to determine the sex of the baby is not possible. In the second trimester the fetus is more active and is able to turn to the researcher anything. But keep in mind that at a certain position, the baby may be the labia girls to be over the testicles of a boy and Vice versa. In the last trimester, when the baby was old enough, he completely takes the uterus that also complicates the research process.
A lot in determining the sex of the child will depend on what is the quality of the ultrasound equipment and the skill of the doctor performing the procedure. If the research is conducted on the old machine, the probability of failures in the inspection process. The accuracy of the study depends on the care of a physician, who with the help of the sensor reads the screen information. For example, a physician with extensive experience of such studies, is able to determine the sex of the child at a sufficiently early stage of pregnancy.