Select an insurance company with which you wish to conclude the insurance contract of the vehicle. Check on the website of the Federal service for insurance supervision, does it have the appropriate license.
Contact your insurance company with a request to calculate an insurance rate for your car. You can do this over the phone, via email or in person at the office of the insurance company. Inform the employee of the company brand of car, year of release, and information about the drivers who will be allowed to control the vehicle and the alarm system, which is equipped with machine. Specialist of motor insurance will tell you the insurance rate in order to calculate the amount of the insurance premium to be paid, simply multiply it by the value of your car. If you agree with the payment amount, proceed to the execution of the contract. Note the term "franchise" is that part of loss which is not paid by the insurance organization. When excluding franchise insurance rate increases, and conversely, the higher the deductible, the lower your insurance rate.
Fill in the application form. Fill it out with accurate vehicle information, drivers, conditions of the Parking lot where the car at night. Attach to the statement copies of the documents for the car, copies of driver's licenses of persons you plan to allow the management of the machine.
Check the data printed in the policy, which is issued by the specialist insurance companies on the basis of your claim. Sign the insurance policy of the car.
Pay the insurance premium in cash receipts or non-cash payment settlement account. Remember that prior to the receipt of funds in cash or to the account of the insurer the insurance policy is not valid when the insured event before paying the refund will not be paid.