Advice 1: How to enter rectal suppositories

Buying pharmacy medicines in the form of rectal suppositories, many people face the same problem as the inability to type properly. In addition, some are afraid to damage the rectum. The correct entry candle need to know the instructions for their preparation for use and to the application.
How to enter rectal suppositories
After purchase rectal suppositories should be put in the fridge so they don't melt at room temperature, and their main component have kept their healing properties. In addition, cool frozen candle is much more convenient to enter into the anus – also so it will melt more slowly. Before using rectal suppositories it is desirable to hold in the fingers of something cool, so it does not spread in the hands.
To a suppository slipped into the anus very easily, it is desirable to lubricate the end with petroleum jelly, baby cream or vegetable oil, trying to keep her at the same time for the clean part, otherwise it will slip out of your hands at introduction. It is best to put a rectal candle before going to sleep, pre-emptied the bowel after all the traditional hygienic measures. In lingerie it should be put daily strip or a piece of cloth, folded several times, some candles tend to melt and leak, leaving the linen and bed stains.
Before using rectal suppositories should wash hands thoroughly and pull out of the fridge candle itself. The wrapper must be carefully cut with scissors and pull out its contents, trying not to crumble it. Then you need to take a candle with your fingers (you can use medical gloves), to moisten or anus with vaseline and take the correct position – namely, to lie on any convenient for the procedure side, completely straight lower leg bent and upper abdomen.
After the adoption of the necessary provisions should be slightly open with one hand rectal region, pulling to the side of the upper buttock. Then you slowly introduce a candle into the anus, propanov her fingertip over the muscle sphincter between 2.5-5 inches (newborns and adults, respectively). After the introduction of candle buttocks together and hold them in this position for several seconds. On the side you need to lie still for 5 minutes after the procedure so that the candle doesn't come out. After a specified time you can stand, wash hands with soap and wear underwear with disposable lining.
With the introduction of the candles in the anus need to relax, not to hurt the mucous membrane of the anus.
Useful advice
If you want only half of the candle, you should cut along (not across!) into two parts using a clean disposable razor blade.

Advice 2: How to use rectal suppositories

Many drugs to reduce fever, enhance immunity, treatment of hemorrhoids are available in the form of rectal suppositories. They are easy to apply and can be used in different age groups. To achieve the effect you need to correctly use candles.
How to use rectal suppositories
When using rectal suppositories often there is a spasm in the stomach and the urge to have a bowel movement, so before the procedure, perform a cleansing enema or empty the bowel naturally. Otherwise the candle may not be able to dissolve, with the result that the effect of the medication will be zero. With the exception of laxatives, suppositories. Before their use does not require any extra manipulation.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The procedure should be performed in complete purity. Prepare wet wipes, or a handkerchief dipped in water.
Lie on your right side, knees to the stomach. For the procedure this position is most convenient, as it allows to minimize discomfort.
Remove the candle from the packaging and push her finger into the anus to a depth of 2-3 cm and carry out the procedure carefully, without exerting extra pressure. Despite the fact that the suppository has a streamlined shape, when not careful you can injure the mucosa.
Don't get up out of bed about 20 minutes, that's how much time you need to suppository under the influence of heat the temperature of the body dissolved and absorbed. Wipe hands on a pre-prepared wet towel or handkerchief.
If within 10 minutes after the introduction of rectal suppositories occurred the urge to defecate, empty the bowels and enter the new suppository. Most likely, the first candle has not time to absorb, and therefore expect a pronounced effect of the treatment does not make sense. If between the introduction of the suppository and bowel movement it's been more than 10 minutes, an additional dose is not required. In this case, it is difficult to calculate the number of absorbed drugs, and therefore there is a risk of overdose.
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