Before using rectal candles empty the bowel or make a cleansing enema. Otherwise, you may experience the urge to defecate. Candle will not have time to dissolve, therefore, the effect of the treatment will not.
Prepare in advance and put it next to a damp cloth. Lie on your left side with legs bent at the knees and pressed them to his stomach. In this position, the introduction of the candle will cause the least discomfort.
Releasing the suppository from the packaging, carefully enter it into the anus. Do not apply excessive forces to promote the candles, awkward movements can damage the mucous membrane and hurt myself.
Getting out of bed, dry your hands with a damp cloth.
To the drug is completely absorbed, it is necessary to lie still for 20-30 minutes. Based on these considerations, it is most convenient to carry out the procedure before bedtime (unless, of course, is not appointed another scheme of treatment).
When you use laxatives suppositories preliminary cleansing enema is not required.
If within 10 minutes there was the urge to defecate, most likely, the drug did not have time to soak in. In this case, prepare a new candle and repeat the procedure again.If the chair was after 10 minutes, repeat injections are not recommended. In such a situation it is difficult to determine what portion of the drug has entered the body, and therefore to calculate the dosage for repeated administration is almost impossible.
When using rectal suppositories may be unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations in the region of the anus. Minor discomfort is not an indication for discontinuation of the drug. In severe discomfort, stop treatment and consult your doctor for the selection of new medications or other dosage forms.