Advice 1: How to use rectal suppositories

For the treatment of different diseases often use rectal candles. This form of issue are many antipyretic drugs, certain immunomodulators, local tools to deal with hemorrhoids. Rectal candles is simple and easy to apply, quickly absorbed and have a therapeutic effect.
How to use rectal suppositories
Before using rectal candles empty the bowel or make a cleansing enema. Otherwise, you may experience the urge to defecate. Candle will not have time to dissolve, therefore, the effect of the treatment will not.
Prepare in advance and put it next to a damp cloth. Lie on your left side with legs bent at the knees and pressed them to his stomach. In this position, the introduction of the candle will cause the least discomfort.
Releasing the suppository from the packaging, carefully enter it into the anus. Do not apply excessive forces to promote the candles, awkward movements can damage the mucous membrane and hurt myself.
Getting out of bed, dry your hands with a damp cloth.
To the drug is completely absorbed, it is necessary to lie still for 20-30 minutes. Based on these considerations, it is most convenient to carry out the procedure before bedtime (unless, of course, is not appointed another scheme of treatment).
When you use laxatives suppositories preliminary cleansing enema is not required.
If within 10 minutes there was the urge to defecate, most likely, the drug did not have time to soak in. In this case, prepare a new candle and repeat the procedure again.If the chair was after 10 minutes, repeat injections are not recommended. In such a situation it is difficult to determine what portion of the drug has entered the body, and therefore to calculate the dosage for repeated administration is almost impossible.
When using rectal suppositories may be unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations in the region of the anus. Minor discomfort is not an indication for discontinuation of the drug. In severe discomfort, stop treatment and consult your doctor for the selection of new medications or other dosage forms.
However, all, without exception, the candles from anal fissures effectively fight to eliminate diseases of the anus. Remember the General rule: before using the candle, it is recommended to stretch your hands and entering into the anus immediately not to push, and hold it at the level of the anus for 2-3 minutes and then push the remainder of the candle into the anal canal.
Useful advice
Fissure of the anus, or, as they call it ... disease, surgeons, anal fissure, is a slit-like, very painful ulcer on the transition of the mucous membrane of the anus the skin. Candles should be introduced into the anus, but not to push deeply into the rectum. To make this procedure better at night, after stool. Before the introduction of the candle end should be lubricated with baby cream, vaseline or vegetable oil.

Advice 2: What candles to use for hemorrhoids

In the treatment of hemorrhoids conservative treatment are widely used preparations of local action, which include rectal suppositories. Means a drug that penetrates well through the mucous membranes and quickly relieves symptoms.
What candles to use for hemorrhoids
Rectal suppositories (candles) are intended for introduction into the rectum, they are solid cones with a dosed medicines. These drugs stop the bleeding, reduce inflammation, provide wound-healing, antispasmodic, immunostimulatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic effect. Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids are divided into groups depending on the composition and provide a therapeutic effect.
Hemorrhoids, and inflamed fissures, prescribed painkillers suppositories. Their main active ingredient is the any analgesic for example Novocain. These candles are used only to facilitate the patient's condition, the treatment slightly. When bleeding use a styptic candles. Most often, they contain in their composition of propolis, which increases blood clotting and has analgesic effect. There are also candles from internal hemorrhoids, suppositories used after childbirth.
Candles from hemorrhoids were divided into groups according to the main active substance. Suppositories containing glycerin, is applied to fractures and wounds of the walls of the anus, to reduce tension in the muscles of the sphincter, prevent the accumulation of feces and constipation. Candles with extract of belladonna relieve pain, provide healing effect. Methyluracyl suppositories are used when fractures and inflammatory diseases of the anus. This product has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Homeopathic candles ("Nova-Vita", "Anti-K") made from natural components, anti-inflammatory, healing and antipruritic effect. Suppositories with adrenaline have hemostatic and analgesic effect. Candles with Ichthyol ("Claimant") applied at the early stages of the disease, the drug has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Effectively reduce inflammation, help to stop itching and accelerate the regeneration of tissues candles, "relief", containing in its composition components in animals (shark liver, fat, etc.).
To find a suitable drug should proctologist after a detailed inspection of the patient. Candles from hemorrhoids injected into the rectum after defecation and hygiene procedures. Suppository need to release from the packaging and enter into the anus with the pointy end forward. After that you should lie sideways and lie down for half an hour, the candle is completely dissolved.

Advice 3: Any candles from hemorrhoids can be applied to pregnant

During the period of child hemorrhoids is one of the most common ailments. Especially the risk increases during childbirth and in the III trimester of pregnancy. Doctors for the treatment of hemorrhoids recommend the use of rectal suppositories, which have minimum side effects and thus effectively resolve the problem.
Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy
The drug is "Neo-Claimant" is used in pregnancy strictly under the supervision of a physician and in the recommended doses. Candles reduce pain, remove inflammation and heal the bleeding wounds. Active ingredients of the drug: subnitrat reducing bleeding; methylene blue having the ability to disinfect the mucous membrane of the large intestine; iodine inhibits the development of bacteria on the hemorrhoids; resorcinol relating to antibacterial agents; zinc oxide, which has antiseptic, drying, and astringent. Do not confuse this medicine with "Rusalom", which in its composition contains an extract of belladonna, is a poisonous plant. "Neo-Claimant" may cause irritation of the mucous membrane and the skin around the rectal region. Apply suppositories 1 thing two or three times a day. The course of treatment lasts up to improve the condition of the patient.
Another option candles safely used during pregnancy is "relief advance". The preparation contains oil from shark liver that has effective healing and anti-inflammatory action. In used as the basis cocoa butter, with softening properties, and benzocaine, which are anesthetic and analgesic. Candles should be used after hygienic procedures. Pregnant recommended to use 1 suppository 4 times a day — morning, afternoon, bedtime and after each bowel movement.
"Natalise" is drug that provide hemostatic and anti-inflammatory and has reparative activity. The active ingredient is sodium alginate, which is derived from marine brown algae. Candles reduce the bleeding, eliminate inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration. Suppository inserted into the colon of a well-washed hands after carrying out a cleansing enema or spontaneous bowel movement. The course duration is 7-14 days 1 thing twice a day. In applying the drug may experience itching and burning sensation around the anus. Candles "Natalise" is permitted at any stage of pregnancy.
Also for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the period of waiting for a baby widely used "Candles with sea buckthorn oil". The duration of therapy is 10 to 15 days. The only problem may be leakage of the contents of the suppository. The result of this trouble be discomfort and not otstiryvaniya stains on linen.

Advice 4: How to choose candles from constipation

In rare cases, constipation can resolve the issue by changing the diet. Regular such States can resort to special means – oral (pills and potions) and rectal (candles). The advantage of rectal suppositories is their more rapid action.
How to choose candles from constipation

When justified the use of candles against constipation?

Constipation can be of two types: galogennye and protogenia. In the case galogennyh constipation intestinal contents due to various circumstances delayed above the anorectal area. This may be due to lack of bowel tone, various obstacles in the form of scars or tumours. In the case of constipation protogenic content enters the rectum, and then having difficulty with bowel movements.

Candles have an impact only on the rectum and therefore are effective only when protogenic problems. In this regard, the use of rectal candles is possible only in cases when a well-known form of constipation.
The use of candles in galogennyh constipation can aggravate the situation.

Types of rectal suppositories from constipation

There is a wide variety of rectal suppositories from constipation. Their choice depends on such factors as age, the presence of additional problems (hemorrhoids, fissures), such as the impact on the body. Interested in about every drug possible to know the reviews in the appropriate forums.

Candles from constipation with a glycerin

They are the most gentle means. Glycerin suppository help to soften the stool, stimulate the contraction of the rectum, gently stimulating its receptors. Never use in the presence of inflammation and fissures of the anus, aggravation of hemorrhoids.
Glycerin suppository can be used even women pregnant and nursing babies.

Gas-forming laxatives, suppositories

The composition of this group of drugs include sodium bicarbonate. In the process of disintegration of the candle produce carbon dioxide increases the pressure in the rectum and irritant receptors, thereby stimulating the process of reducing the walls of the intestine. Blowing candles have virtually no contraindications.


Its imported counterpart is "Dulcolax". These candles help to soften the stool and stimulate the receptors. They cannot apply to pregnancy, children up to two years, in the presence of peptic ulcer bolezni of the intestine, acute proctitis, hemorrhoids.


These candles are used for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, not long locks. When strong is weak, as is increasingly designed to prevent stagnation associated with hemorrhoids.

Sea buckthorn rectal suppositories

Used for constipation caused by anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The drug is only natural. Has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory action.

Abuse rectal candles against constipation is not recommended because the body can get used to them. And this, in turn, will lead to the fact that without proper stimulation of the receptors of the intestine will not be triggered.
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