You will need
  • - candles;
  • - baby oil or cream, vaseline.
Choose a time to light a candle, immediately after defecation, otherwise the child may reflex to empty the bowel immediately after the procedure.
Explain to your childif he is old enough what will you do. Tell him why it's better than the injections. If he's anxious, reassure the child. Make sure that the child trusted you, otherwise the procedure will be very unpleasant for you and painful for the baby.
Try to distract the child, if it is too small. Turn on a cartoon, read a book or tell me something exciting.
Hold a candle before the introduction of at room temperature. Can be warmed in the hands or directly in the package in a container of warm water.
Well wash your hands and remove the candle from the packaging.
Put the baby on the left side. Lubricate the anus with vaseline, children's oil or cream. In addition, the candle can also be oiled or dipped in warm water.
Fix the child's legs in a bent position. Babies enter the candle in the supine position, with raised as when changing the diaper, belly and legs.
Gently spread the buttocks with the left hand. Insert the suppository with the right hand into the anus, gently but firmly forward pointed end. Hold the candle with your finger.
Hold baby's buttocks together for approximately two minutes. Otherwise, the candle will reflexively squeezed out. Try to coax the baby to lie for some time, a few minutes will be enough.
If in this position put a candle difficult, try another method: lay the baby on his tummy, while the legs bend to the midsection. Holding behind my knees, quickly, but carefully with the pointy end forward and introduce candle to the child. Hold the buttocks hand and take baby in her arms, holding the ass. Diarrhea it around the room, not allowing to push out the candle.