One of the most effective methods of treatment of disorders in the membranes of the intestine, is the use of rectal suppositories. Perspective, maybe not pleasant, but its performance is not voidable. In addition, rectal anti-inflammatory and bactericidal candles is prescribed in the prevention.

To deal with such appointment, for some it becomes a complex challenge. Most just don't know how to enter candles, and to ask about something like that, even at the doctor embarrassed. Detailed instructions to this effect are unlikely to hurt anyone.

To properly introduce the spark, you need to take appropriate posture. Options may be several. It all depends on the condition of the patient and his physical capabilities. Prescribed is the knee-elbow posture. However, not all will be able to accept it. So let's say the option of lying with high altitude legs, lying on your side with bent knees and feet lying with a cushion under the sacrum.

The anatomical shape of the candles is thought out and comfortable as possible. Enter should pointed end. The minimum depth at which you need to enter the candle is the length of the index finger. If You have problems with the sigmoid process or a thin intestine, it is better to enter the candle deeper.

Once all requirements completed, must stand in the start position for 20-30 minutes. During this time, the candle will melt and the discomfort will go away. Actually, the discomfort will go away sooner, but the prescriptions to the drug say that she is better and faster absorbed by the walls of the rectum.

It is very important to treat the procedure as to treatment. If You relax, it will significantly help Your case the procedure will take place with less discomfort for You.

Treatment using ear candles is extremely effective. It is used in case of acute inflammations, hemorrhoids, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, and some sexually transmitted diseases. Most importantly, it's okay to treat the situation and the horror to be dispelled.

Remember that the use of such funds should, according to the prescription of the doctor otherwise they can seriously hurt you. Ignorance can damage the mucosa, which would entail a series of much more unpleasant problems.