Remember, there are 5 categorical "no" to trendy moccasins. First, it is not necessary to buy and wear black loafers. This traditional leather shoes of American Indians was created in contrast to formal shoes, so try to avoid black. Stop your choice on loafers, beige, white, red and other bright colors.
Secondly, never wear loafers with a business suit because it is contrary to the requirements of fashion and style. Thirdly, it is impossible to combine in one ensemble loafer and the sporty style. This combination looks absolutely not in harmony and is considered bad form.
Fourth, loafers are not worn with socks, especially categorical is the prohibition of socks underneath loafers and shorts or cropped trousers. However, there are a few exceptions: long socks, preferably not black and white colors can be combined with moccasins. In that case, if you are going to wear socks, it is recommended to not pick cropped pants or jeans, and the pants are regular length.
And last, it is not necessary to wear moccasins all year round, i.e. in summer and winter. Loafers are considered a seasonal Shoe, so is not appropriate under the warm clothes, down jackets, jackets or coats.
Learn how to pick the right clothes under moccasins. Women can wear loafers with shorts, cropped trousers or breeches combined with t-shirt, Polo shirt, shirt. If you want to connect the loafers with a dress or skirt, choose flowing fabrics and shoes with embroidery or beads that will help to create a romantic image. Fashionable version in the style of ethno — is a loafer, wearing a suit, combined with leather bracelets, bags with fringe and necklace.
For relaxation, select suede loafers calm colors without fringe. You can also buy these shoes without a heel to wear with light summer clothing.
It is recommended that men wear loafers with short pants or regular jeans, and light linen pants and shorts. As a top, perfect t-shirt, short sleeve shirt or Polo shirts. If you want to go in the loafers to the office, wear long pants and shirt, sweater or jumper.
Remember that loafers are versatile footwear and proper clothing help to create any image: business, romantic, ethno, etc. in addition, the moccasin is amazingly comfortable shoes in which you feel very comfortable.