What to wear with flip-flops and sandals?

Latest fashion trends a lot of familiar things twisted and distorted. Accessories, color combinations, proportions – all this is going through a pretty big transformation. These processes affected and open shoes, which now can also be worn with socks, with tights, with socks, and even leggings.

For several years now, designers show unexpected combinations of textures – summer sandals with thick woolen socks, shoes, opening the fingers, put on top of coloured tights, Gladiator sandals combine high bright socks. In fact, the girls have been given carte Blanche to the crimes against traditional fashion.
If you prefer a puppet style, consider buying some short white socks, which go perfectly with girlish dresses and skirts.

The rules of combination of shoes and socks

In fact, the only condition for a successful game is accuracy. Choosing thick socks to wear under elegant sandals, you need to make sure that ugly seam on the edges of the fingers or the heel didn't ruin the entire game. Fortunately, this socks, socks, stockings or tights can be purchased from many brands. For example, such hosiery can be purchased from the Wolford Austrians or the Italians Calzedonia. They cost very little, but are presented in a large number of colors.

Another important point – in any case, do not wear open-toed shoes tights or socks Nude that looks matter, besides there is a strange contrast between the color of the other exposed areas of the skin and feet, do not wear mesh items together with sandals, their invoices look very strange together. Do not combine with open shoes or stockings or tights with patterns or ornaments on a well-chosen strip of this rule does not apply. If you suddenly decided to combine the lace socks and lace-the lace should be quite large, with a well-defined graphic elements.
If the image is required, it is possible to break part of the recommendations. However, in this case all parts of the image should perfectly be combined with each other.

The rest – experiment with open shoes in the summer is very interesting to look deliberately rough socks and bright solid tights. The density of the latter can be absolutely any, the main thing is to color combined with the rest of the outfit.

As for men - the rules didn't change too much, socks with open shoes combine bad. Especially don't look good wearing white socks under men's shoes. With men's fashion to play and to misbehave a lot harder.