Advice 1: What Shoe goes with everything

Huge dressing room with the shoes is the dream of many girls and women. However, to afford such luxury can not every: or space does not allow, or budget. Therefore stylish lady seeking to find a universal pair of shoes that is appropriate for everything.
What Shoe goes with everything

Versatile color

Classic color for shoes to everything for a very long time was considered black. Today, choosing a versatile pair, many girls stop on it. To maintain the traditions of a great choice, but sometimes black dress shoes or loafers can severely damage the ensemble.

New classics today is a shade of nude or tan color. Shoes neutral color will perfectly complement light and easy chiffon dress, a vivid and rigorous case. Also, these shoes can be worn with jeans, pants, suits. Shoes color nude great universal Shoe. No wonder such a couple will often choose celebrities and royals.

Depending on the wardrobe, your universal pair of shoes can be brown, white, graphite color. Importantly, it had a sleek design without any additional elements. Shoes in cool shades will perfectly fit in a variety of ensembles and will emphasize your individuality.

Attention to style

Choosing a versatile Shoe, should pay attention to not only color but also style pair. It is desirable that it was both simple and spectacular. Details may be present but they should not be evident.

Pay attention to pumps made of leather with slightly rounded toe and a small chunky heel. These shoes complements everything perfectly complement a business suit and mini-skirt, and evening dress. Oddly enough, but in this case the most universal will be a pair containing two colors: black and beige finish (or Vice versa).

If you like to be taller, your versatile pair can be a wedge. For example, the model of the thin straps of tan. You will be able to put the data sandals with the dress, easy sundress, mini skirt, swimsuit.

High heels also should not be written off. Best with Nude shoes with a small platform in the center of the sock and a striking stiletto heel. This Shoe goes with everything: dress, casual set with jeans, formal suit.

Fans of casual style and solid soles should pay attention to loafers and ballet flats. The first is best to choose black, brown or gray. These shoes are practical, comfortable and perfectly complement the images with jeans and with shorts or simple skirts.

Choose the black ballet flats with original finish. They can be worn with leggings, long and short skirt, mini dresses and any dress pants. If you want the pair was both comfortable and elegant, prefer the product with a patent leather shade nude.

Universal footwear for the cold season will be high boots wide heel height of no more than 1.5-2 cm the Most suitable shade in this case – black and brown. These shoes will help you to always look stylish, while it is very convenient and practical. The boots can be worn with a short jacket and a fur coat or a warm coat.

Advice 2 : How to choose sandals, the shape of the feet

Sandals considered the most common and most versatile summer shoes. They go perfectly with dresses and skirts and with pants and shorts. To sandals really brought the fun and brought its owner more pleasant for them it is important to choose, given the characteristics and the shape of their feet.
How to choose sandals, the shape of the feet

Ladies with wide ankles better to abandon sandals, complemented by thin straps or decorated with fine decorative elements. Undesirable for such women to wear sandals with completely flat soles. But heels or wedges can markedly lift the foot and visually lengthen the Shin, the ankle will do much better than that. The perfect solution is and sandals with open-toe and closing the lower part of the ankle shaft.

Women with thin legs and narrow ankles too, you should avoid sandals on the platform. But shoes with heels, flip flops and open sandals, the upper part of which is a set of cross straps, will look great on slim legs perfectly.

If the base area of big toes you have unnecessarily exposed joints, the so-called "bones", choose sandals that completely covers the foot at the level of these protrusions, but leaves open toes and ankle. An ideal option for you would be and sandals with multiple cross straps can visually "break" the shape of the foot and make "bones" invisible. Open from flip flops to women with exposed joints on the legs should be abandoned.

Ladies with wide feet, as well as women with big size feet, you should look for sandals with heels or platform. Although fascination with a wide platform without a pronounced rise to the heel can lead to the opposite effect, visually making the foot wider. It is better to abandon shoes with square shape of the toe part, opting for a sandal with a triangular noses.

Some women are worried much, as it seems, ugly or irregular shape of their toes. If you enter one of them and did not want to put their fingers on the display, select summer slingbacks with semi-open toe, which will be visible only to the ends of the big and index toes. You can also pay attention to light openwork ballet flats, and summer shoes with open heel and closed toe

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