Before you go to the store shopping, find out whether your College of internal rules governing the appearance of students. Is generally not recommended to wear sport clothes and shoes, things with provocative slogans or ripped jeans, accessories with religious symbols.
The basis of the wardrobe for College can make the basic things of classic style. Buy quality pants, straight skirt, above the knee, plain white or light blouse-shirt. These things will go well with the indispensable jeans, thin knit, diverse accessories.
Don't make too "adult", conservative ensembles. Severe two-piece suit with white blouse, good on the teacher, but the student in such outfit looks too pathetic. Come up with more interesting combinations. A pencil skirt will add a light jacket in a different shade. Wear it under a knit top and sleeves rolled up. Combine a white blouse with a knitted vest and wear this kit with blue jeans.
It is not necessary to hit the other extreme. Mini-skirts, cropped tops and all kinds of neckline in the College will look out of place. Save these things for a party at the club.
If you follow fashion trends, be sure to get a dress. Do not wear too tight and short model – business etiquette rules them out. But straight dress-shirts, loose tunics, complemented with a belt, or long knitted sweaters is fine. Wear them with the shoes-ballet flats or boots on a flat sole.
Don't forget about the accessories. In College you will need a bulk bag of artificial leather or nylon, which is comfortable to wear all necessary. The alternative may be a stylish backpack or a large folder with a zipper. Choose bright colors – dull black and brown briefcases Express clerks and executives.
Young people also should think about their appearance. They will fit jeans, complemented by light club jacket with the Polo shirt, knitted sweaters or colored shirts. Eliminate from the educational closet, oversized t-shirts and hanging from the hips of the pants. Instead of worn-out sneakers wear comfortable loafers, they will approach both to jeans, and classic pants.