Modern sandals: comfort and a striking appearance

Sandals known from ancient times. The first products of such a plan were made of straw and twigs, and later from the skin. Sandals fastened to the foot with a few straps and had a closed heel. An important feature of the Shoe is its versatility. Sandals were worn by both men and women.

Today some models of sandals are also very different in size. These include the summer shoes for active recreation. Other models are suitable only for women. These sandals are made of different materials, have bright color, interesting decor. In the new season the designers have added practical and comfortable shoes is absolutely smooth platform of medium height (about 3-6 cm).

Platform sandals can be made of textile, leather, suede and even plastic. The main eye-catching element is the climb itself. Most often it is made from polyurethane, cork or rubber. As decoration use the braided cord, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

What clothes combined platform sandals

Platform sandals are a few specific appearance. Shoes, regardless of material, looks rough and not particularly feminine. However, the original appearance kompensiruet maximum convenience and comfort. Sandals on the platform, you can safely go Hiking or walk all day shopping.

Pick up clothing under platform sandals should be very careful. The best company for these shoes will be narrow trousers and breeches tight. Will also fit jeans "landing boyfeet". With a little tuck of the bottom leg. On top, wear a simple tank top or t-shirt with a picture. In cool weather use a jacket.

With sandals on the platform perfectly short shorts. Tandem crudeness and sexuality will make your look very impressive and unusual. From top to wear wide top, one corner of which season. If the platform sandals features a braided trim, use a hat of similar material. Also don't forget sunglasses and massive wooden/leather bracelets.

Platform sandals can be worn with a skirt. The best option in this case, short straight model made of thick cotton or jeans. From the top suitable combination of shirt and vest or shirt with short sleeves.

Sandals will look good in combination with short beach tunics. Controversial option: skirts MIDI and Maxi lengths. This ensemble might look awkward.