How to make potting mix

Homeland money tree rich in exotic West Africa, southern Arabia and Madagascar. This plant tend to accumulate in the leaves moisture, so drought this plant is not afraid, but likes moisture. As for soil, it is better to transplant a money tree to make the soil composition independently, because it must be slightly different from the fertile soils, which are sold in the shop for cacti and succulents.

In order to prepare money tree the perfect soil mix, you need to take grassy land (one piece), ground sheet (three parts), river sand (one part). All this is thoroughly mixed and the composition is added to the compost (100 g per 1 kg of soil) and 2 tablespoons of wood ash. Jade definitely need good drainage. This can be expanded clay, gravel, brick chips. Drainage layer not less than 4-5 cm at the bottom of the pot.

Transplant the money tree need not often young every two years, an adult – once every three years. Of course, these dates are corrected, depending on the growth rate.

Features transplant

The crassula need not necessarily deep, but the heavy ceramic pot. The root system of a plant is small and the root kom is not deep. Adult jade may occasionally fall on its side along with the pot if it is heavy enough.

Care for a transplanted jade just. Frequent watering does not require it – just do it as the drying of the soil, but abundant. Excess moisture will leave through the drainage holes and the plant will be moistened. In the rest period from October to February, watering should be carried out not more often than twice in all the time (every two months). The soil in the pot the jade in the winter should be dry.

The conditions of detention

Periodically need to clean the leaves of the succulent from dust and dirt and be sure to ventilate the room – fresh air for the money tree are very important.

As a resident of Africa, crassula likes changes in temperature day and night. She is not afraid of even the night temperature +6°C, especially in winter. In winter and the daytime temperature should be lowered to +12°C. While in summer, the day jade prefers +20...22°C. the Money tree likes bright light, so it all year round you can keep on a Sunny windowsill. But in July, at noon, it should cover from the sun to avoid scorched leaves.

If you want to money tree bloom in the summer and send it in the garden or on the balcony, and the winter before that will keep in a cool place at temperatures not above +10°C.