In nature crassula grows to 3 feet tall, flowers small pale pink or white flowers. The house on the windowsill a plant pleases their masters flowering fairly rare. But it is believed that flowering foretells unexpected financial well-being. How to attract money into the house with the help of energy money tree?

Propagated bearberry is surprisingly easy. Even a single leaf is able to quickly take root, not to mention the twigs or shoots. But there is a belief that to attract good luck and money tree have to quietly nip off the wealthy people. If you ask them for a process, the "child" plant that is configured to attract wealth in that family will "send" the finances of the previous owner.

How to care for a money tree, to increase financial flows? First of all, it is necessary to correctly position the apartment or office. According to Feng Shui such a place is the South-East windowsill. This part of the room is configured to the financial energy.

To attract money, energy bearberry we need to encourage. This can be the ligation of the trunk of a red ribbon, and it is possible when planting plants to bury in a pot coin.

New year's eve cash tree, need to pay attention to almost like a Christmas tree. Just need to decorate it with bright ribbons, coins, chocolate RUB, suspended on red or yellow ribbons.

It is important to know that money tree demanding plenty of sunlight. But excessive moisture in the ground if you are not able to kill the flower, then to award him a disease. Spraying the tree is not needed, and so loving plant dust enough to remove by wiping.

Health money tree will provide fresh air. All the warm days, until the onset of cold weather, the plant should be put on the balcony or loggia.

Masters bearberry need to know that the plant should not be close to prickly cacti.

In principle, care for money tree is not difficult. Even if you will forget about it, it is unlikely to die as unpretentious by nature and easily tolerate long absence of water, however, like all succulents, crassula to which belongs.