Care for a zamioculcas or dollar tree is not complicated and does not have to be an expert in the field of plant to successfully plant it in a flowerpot in an apartment. All care for a zamioculcas is reduced to its timely watering and periodic feeding of mineral and organic fertilizers.

Very different things with the change of the dollar tree. To properly transplant the zamioculcas – we should really try, because this plant is quite fragile root system, which can be inadvertently damaged.

Correct transplant the dollar tree. Features

In order to transplant the dollar tree is successful, you should observe the following rules:

- the soil when transplanting should only use loose and easy, to irrigation water freely fell to the root system of plants;
- loosen the soil to plant transfer, you should use small clay pellets;
- on the bottom of the pot with soil for zamiokulkasa should pour a layer of drainage, elevation drainage should not exceed the fourth part of the height of the container;
- the soil for transplanting zamiokulkasa should be thoroughly fertilized, the composition of such a soil should contain peat, humus, turf and ground sheet;
- transplant young dollar tree should be done at least once a year, if the plant is grown, transplant it is necessary every two to three years.

Transplantation of zamioculcas is somewhat different from transplanting other plants as the root system it has a rather delicate structure. So as not to damage the root, the plant should be handle in the other pot, in other words, repotted without destroying the earth coma with roots.

Transplant after purchase

Transplant dollar plants should not be done immediately after it appeared in the house. It is necessary to give the plant a chance to adapt to growth in a new environment and such adaptation typically takes at least two weeks.

Contain dollar tree not recommended in a clay pot, because when you transplant it rather difficult to pull out of the vessel. For content zamiokulkasa should only use a plastic pot, which if necessary can be cut and gently remove the soil ball with roots.

If the plant were brought from abroad to be transplanted (to cross) it follows immediately. Such haste is explained by the fact that for the transportation of plants in the ground usually add special chemicals that give it the ability for a long time without watering. If dollar tree will always be kept soils saturated with these agents, it will soon wilt and die.