You will need
    • Flounder
    • Cutting Board
    • A sharp knife
    • Oil for frying
    • Flour
    • Bow
    • Spices
If you have frozen whole flounders, first defrost them at room temperature. If the fish is fresh, proceed to its dissection.
Put the fish on the Board light up belly (so can see better the inside of the fish and the line at which to trim the head). Then gutting the fish and wash thoroughly under running water.
Turn the fish and cut off the tail and sharp fins. Do this very carefully so as not to prick.
Next, clean the small scales from the skins of fish, RUB it with salt and spices and put in a bowl to promarinovatsya.
In this time slice peeled onions, prepare the flour for breading and heat the pan with vegetable oil. The temperature of the heated oil should be high enough, otherwise the fish may stick to the pan.
Then perform the following sequence of steps: coat the prepared fish in the flour to flounder remained juicy, and put the breaded pieces in hot oil. In order to avoid unpleasant smell when frying fish, sprinkle chopped onions.
Then turn the fish and Dozhivem it from the other side. When frying sometimes podrachivat the pan that the fish did not stick to the bottom.

Serve the plaice with boiled potatoes or rice.