You will need
  • - a small bowl;
  • - deep dish;
  • - cereals;
  • - milk;
  • - the meat.
Complementary foods should begin at the age of 14 days. At this point the puppies already opened eyes and ears, the kids quite active. Start introducing new food followed with the usual cow's milk. In order to make it more nutritious, you can add raw egg yolk per litre of milk. Feed follows immediately from the bowl and not from the nipples.
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Puppies should be taken at a time and lightly dip your face in a bowl of milk. As dishes suitable small bowl or saucer. It is most convenient to feed the baby, sat him down on his knees and holding one hand in the bowl, and the other kid. Just put your knees on the towel. But it is possible to carry out this procedure and on the floor. Of course, most of the milk will be spilled through, but puppies will very quickly understand what is required of them.
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After 3-4 days you can start feeding babies cereal. There is plenty to choose from. Many breeders cook porridge with milk. There are those who lure puppies soluble infant cereal. It is also very convenient and the kids usually like. To diversify the diet, you can grind in a coffee grinder buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, or grind a ready-made porridge in a blender. However, now in pet stores along with the dry bitch's milk, you can find special porridge for feeding puppies. However they are not cheap, and you can find them not in every city.
как продать собаку?
21 day body kids ready to digest meat. And boil nothing. For puppies preparing Solenoe meat. Make it in several ways. Scrape with a knife, frozen meat, grate on a coarse grater melted a little, grind into mince. Then, the prepared meat should be portioned roll into balls about the size of a phalanx and freeze. These balls will last a long time - in one feed the puppy enough for one. For each feeding the desired number of balls should be defrosted. Portion in parts to invest directly in the mouth. On the second or third day the puppy will be very active chew the meat.
как продать собаку
Remember that meat should be beef or lamb - pork dogs to give in any case impossible. And not necessarily choose a sirloin or ribeye. Much better and more useful for babies - beef kidney. They are relatively inexpensive, but contain huge amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. To months of age it will be enough to cut the meat into piece the size of a fingernail and give equal portions of a tablespoon.
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Besides meat, it is time to introduce and calcined cheese. To get it add to a liter of milk 3-4 tablespoons of calcium chloride. collect flakes of curds and whey drain or give it to the bitch. And to months of age you can start giving adult food. Here the choice is up to you to feed your puppy natural food, or to teach to prepared feeds. If you have settled on the final version, then choose soft canned or pre-soak pellets of dry food in warm water or milk until tender. Just don't pour boiling water, otherwise it will collapse all the vitamins present in the feed. If you are natural-feeding, you can cook porridge from different cereals - wheat, rice buckwheat. Separately boil the broth and mix with porridge. To make it fit the head meat, kidney, tripe, although the latter did not have a pleasant smell.
Feeding it is best to distribute this way:1 feeding - porridge with meat,2 feeding - cheese, 3 feeding - porridge with meat, 4 feeding - milk semolina or oatmeal, 5-feeding - raw Solenoe meat. To give the meat it should be at night because it digests slowly and puppies all night will be fed and will not Wake up from hunger.
To months of age the puppies eat from bowls set on the floor. Put a separate bowl of each does not make sense - the kids will still be collected in two bowls. It is best to put 2-3 bowls, depending on the number of dimensions of the puppies. However, the cheese and meat is still better to give each puppy individually to stronger and more active puppies are not taken away from the weaker.