In order for a Labrador to live a long and happy life, delighting the hosts with its charm and boundless devotion, the first thing to take care of his proper feeding. Eating food that contains the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the puppy will actively grow and develop. A balanced diet will contribute to the formation of skeleton and teeth of the puppy, as well as the proper development of the immune system.

To feed a Labrador puppy can be a complete dry food or natural food. And in that and in other case it is necessary to follow certain guidelines so as not to harm the animal. It is important to remember that dog breed is highly prone to obesity, so overfeeding an animal is not recommended.

Dry food

For many, feeding dogs dry food ready as a priority, and rightly so. Dry feed contains all the essential for a puppy minerals and vitamins, besides this kind of feeding is very convenient because it takes little time.

However, there are some points that everyone should know the owner of a Labrador. First and most importantly – never give the dog the cheap dry food. The so-called "economy options" is not relevant here, since their structure can be anything, but not natural and useful substances.

Eating cheap dry food, the beautiful ads which you can see on TV almost every ten minutes, a dog can acquire a "bouquet" of disease. It can begin with constipation or diarrhea, and over very serious illnesses stomach, liver and other vital organs.

To stop this from happening, you need to buy food only proven dog breeders manufacturers, including Royal Canin, Hill's, Purina Pro Plan. Below these trademarks are sold the most affordable super premium food, but if finances allow, you can buy products such as Orijen, Innova EVO, Acana and others.

Important: by choosing a particular stern super premium, you must strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually on the packaging of food spelled out all the rules of feeding, depending on the age and weight of the puppy.

Natural food

When feeding a natural diet, care should be taken that the diet of a puppy Labrador were always raw meat, which is a source of protein and essential amino acids. In addition to meat, for dogs are extremely useful products such as saltwater fish and cottage cheese.

Of the meat products puppies Labrador you can only give beef as this meat contains little fat. Also dogs can be fed and offal – sometimes give cooked beef liver, lungs, heart. Adolescent puppies can be spoiled beef tripe (stomach) and by the testes, but only periodically – no more than one or two times a week.

It is strictly forbidden to feed Labrador puppies pork because the product contains a lot of fat and consuming it in food can lead to dysfunction in the pancreas. Also from the diet is necessary to exclude the river fish, which may contain all sorts of parasites.