Choose the most suitable option of feeding. It can be home made or finished feed. The first option is to choose only if you have enough time for cooking. Before reaching two months of age, feed your puppy 5 times a day, for the next four months 3 times. And with six months husky should be fed 2 times a day.
If you feed puppy food ready, give preference to products super-premium. These foods contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins, besides their components well balanced. When buying, pay attention to the label. Best of all, if in the first place in the composition of specified meat meal, or meat. You should not buy food that contains soy, vegetable protein, corn and dyes. When choosing this type of diet be sure to follow that next to food there was always a bowl of fresh water.
If you decide to prefer a natural food, start introducing new products in the puppy's diet after a week meorisokui diet. Boil a small piece of fish, such as herring or putasu, and add it to rice porridge. The fishing part of each day should be increased. After 4 days it should be one-third portions.
If the introduction of fish caused no allergic reactions or disorders of the digestive system, enter the vegetables. Start with a few inflorescences boiled cauliflower or a few slices of zucchini. The vegetable portion should increase gradually.
As soon as the puppy's diet will consist of fish, rice and vegetables in equal proportions, start to introduce meat. Start with these hypoallergenic varieties like rabbit and Turkey. Offer the dog a very small piece of raw meat and watch the reaction of the body. If allergic reactions occurred, try another kind of meat. Then alternate meat days with fish. Occasionally you can give boiled offal. Keep the amount of meat in the diet was at least 50%.
Try to enter in the menu porridge made from buckwheat groats. And after some time vary the vegetable diet of the puppy boiled broccoli, carrots or pumpkin. Menu add grated fresh apples. In small quantities should be given tomatoes and cucumbers, they contribute to the removal of plaque. Fruits and vegetables should make up 20% of the ration of the husky, and cereals – 30%.
In the first half of the day in one of the feedings let your puppy dairy products. It can be low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives or bifidokefir. Once a week feed your pet raw or boiled quail eggs, but do not give more than 2 pieces at a time. Daily add in food a small amount of olive oil.
With food necessarily combine vitamin complexes. The puppy should get the vitamins courses or continuously, but at half the dose.