Never add in the lure of salt, sugar, honey, chocolate, condiments, etc. Food for kittens and puppies should be cooked separately, and to give meals from the master's table is strictly prohibited. The pet owner should understand that normal food can be poison for your pet.
Cook puppies and kittens, fish and lean meat. To give these foods raw it is impossible in any case since it can lead to infection with worms. Also, do not give fatty meat, especially pork. Give preference to beef and chicken. Cut meat and fish into small pieces and then boil it in water, or diluted milk. After cooking pour all the broth – a bit can give the baby.
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Cook puppies boiled potatoes. It's the only vegetable that they should not be given raw. Potatoes should be pre-peel and boil in their skins. It is also recommended to give him pieces, but not pureed. Potatoes should be boiled as usual, but without salt and spices, then cool and give your puppy warm pieces.
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Be sure to cook the kittens porridge with meat. You can use semolina, rice, buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, etc., while mixing the lure should be in the ratio of 1 part porridge to 2 parts meat or fish. When you cook cereals, don't add too much water, not to drain it before to feed the kittens. Rice before cooking it no need to rinse, and prepared some rice gruel should be given, keeping the remaining liquid.
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Do not use milk in the preparation of complementary foodsand every day. On the contrary, it is recommended to do not more than 3-4 times a week. The fact that cow's milk can cause stomach upset in your Pets. Puppies can from time to time to give warm milk, and kittens to cook the porridge.
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Cut into pieces kidney, heart, liver, lungs before cooking them. Should not produce byproducts for too long. The essence of making feedingof these products and to destroy the probability of infecting kids, so you don't need long to boil the nutrients. The smaller the pieces are, the faster they cook. For example, cut into medium pieces beef liver to cook for 7-10 minutes, and chicken hearts – 15-20 minutes.