The dog grew healthy and beautiful, it must feed dry food brands Dog Chow, Pro PAC, etc (this is premium), and better than Pro Plan, hills, Ekanuba, etc. (professional feed). Will not suit those that are produced under the brands of Chappy, darling and other (economical food), Pedigree, Frescas, Dr. Clauder, etc. (average quality).
If you decide to feed puppy dry food, don't give him no meat, no cheese, no cereal, no vitamin and mineral supplements, only give water in addition to the food. Otherwise the diet will be mixed, and it's not very good. To add vitamin and mineral supplements can in exceptional cases, when an individual problems and illnesses. For example, if a puppy is weak ligament, it is prescribed of Gelakan darling, Glucosamine, Chondro Cannes, etc. drugs. In case of poisoning, infections and some other problems are applied to the vitamins of group B. If the dog is badly assimilate fat-soluble vitamins, after testing, you can use Trivitamin.
Even in dry feeding the puppy you can give treats. They usually serve chopped cheese, croutons, dried apricots, dried fruits, boiled meat (not pork!), special Goodies that are developed by the manufacturers of dry food. But treats should not exceed 10% of your pet's diet and get their it needs as an encouragement for execution of commands and only after the main meal.
Start giving the puppy dry food have from 3 weeks of age, when he was still suckling on its mother's milk. Because the teeth of the dog at this time has not yet formed, the food should be crushed and mixed with warm milk or water. After 1.5 months would be to take the soaked dry food. Up to 2 months give food to the puppy 5-6 times a day, then the number of feedings gradually reduce. In 4-5 months the dog is already eating 3 times a day, after 6 months you can go to two meals a day, but you can feed and 3 times.