Before buying a harness for your pet, you need to choose the purposes for which it is used. Not recommended for permanent use harnesses for show dogs, because the exhibition is more commonly used collar. And, accustomed to harness, the dog will feel uncomfortable in the collar.

Harnesses are different species, they are divided according to the method of their use:
- walking harness made of leather or nylon. But because the skin absorbs moisture, to wear it is only in dry weather. Because of the moisture it can deform. The classic harness look like two straps sewn together at four points;
- harness for small breeds of dogs were invented much earlier than all the other models. Usually they have a handle on the back to lift the dog up and carry her so;
- harness for large breeds designed so that the dog can't pull on the leash. So walk, even for a teenager. But for large aggressive dog breeds harnesses are not recommended at all, for they invented special collars;
- harness for puppies simple in design, it is lightweight and soft. The use of such harnesses is recommended only from the age of 8-10 months. Before wear can deform the puppy spine and elbows and lose the rack;
exhibition harnesses a subtle, more decorative. They usually have beautiful fittings, patterns, weaving. On walks they better not use it because of the fragile structure;
sport harnesses (sled dogs) have a special design that covers the whole body of the animal. Such harnesses are sewn from durable fabrics to order;
freight harnesses are designed to develop a dog's pulling power. In some models there are pockets in which is placed the cargo. In the loaded dog harnesses dog it is forbidden to jump, otherwise, possible back injury;
- harnesses for dogs are made from leather and canvas with secure fastenings. They must be free to search the dog run wild;
the harness in the form of vests used on dwarf breeds of dogs. Often they are insulated for winter walks;
medical harnesses are used for a range of injured animals. They look like a vest, which covers more than half of the dog. While the connections are in the back so the dog could easily move the front legs.

How to choose harness for your dog?
Once you have decided why your dog needs a harness, pay attention to some aspects when buying it in the store.
The material of the straps must be durable and wear resistant. It needs to be soft or pleasant a substrate underneath the main belt. Belts harnesses, which is regularly used, should be broad enough to avoid crashing into the animal's body. The top strap should be across the width of the dog that did not slip in different directions while walking. The side strap should not RUB the dog in the armpits, in the place needs to be a gap in width of several fingers.

Fasteners may be few, it will simplify the process of donning. The dog will be comfortable if the clasps are on the back and repeat it to bend. Choose a model that easily fits on the dog, not too tight and she does not restrict her movements. The harness needs to sit snug, but your hand should be easy to squeeze between her and the dog's body. The harness in any case should not SAG under the dog, it can lead to injury.

For small dogs you can choose is not so much durable harnesses, how comfortable and soft. A little beauty in the form of braids or rhinestone won't hurt. Dog breeds that have a short face or a wide neck (pug, Dachshund, bulldogs, Chihuahua) harnesses are recommended more than the collars. This is due to the structure of their thorax.
For dogs of large and medium size harnesses should choose durable, genuine leather or woven webbing with canvas inserts. Rifles and fixing on these harnesses shall be made of steel, reliable, and ring – one-piece.

In order to know what size the harness fits your dog, measure an animal.
A normal tailor's meter and measure length of dog from base of tail to withers. It will be the main parameter. Next, measure the chest circumference behind the front legs at the widest point. Add to this the rate of 2 cm free. And the last parameter is the girth of the neck. It is measured where the collar.
The size of the harness is determined by the table that in every pet store. If your dogs fall between two sizes, choose the larger.