Before you can teach a cat to take walks, get her a harness and leash. A regular collar for this purpose are not suitable. It's too heavy and can cause injury, because the neck muscles in cats weak. Special collars put on animals that "walk by themselves" and only as a distinguishing subject. Harnesses are lightweight, made of nylon, cotton or soft leather, although the latter may still be too rough for the delicate cat's neck.
The design of the harnesses is not difficult. Although the first "package" in her animal issues can still arise. H-shape harness is two collars which are connected together. One closes the neck, the other on my stomach. Regular harness-"eight" represents a closed ring, the size of which may vary. It goes into the strap. Carabiner leash attaches to the ring and rests on the withers of the animal. To pick up a harness in size just between the cats neck and the collar should be two fingers.
A closed ring put the cat on the neck. The jumper that connects it to the strap, turn. She has appeared on the throat of the animal, and the carbine on top of the withers. Move the strap to increase the space between the bridge and the closed ring. Proceed with the right foot cats in the formed space. Jumper lay on the chest? animal. Right foot covered by the strap. The free end of the strap start under the left foot. Fasten the strap. Put a cat on my feet. Make sure that the ring fits the animal's neck tightly, but not squeezing at the same time, the jumper lies on the chest straight, the right foot fixed. Tighten the strap a little tighter. Quite often the owners, fearing to cause pain to the cat, slightly tighten harness easily from the animal and it turned over.