You will need
  • Roulette
  • Paper and pencil
How to measure a dog, to sew or to buy her clothes.
To get an accurate measurement, the dog must stand. If you have a playful puppy or a very nervous dog, ask someone to help you.Using a ruler measure the distance from the withers to the base of the tail. It is better to err on the big side than to underestimate the length of your pet's body. Measure the chest girth of your dog. You have to find the largest part of the chest of your four-legged friend, it's best to measure it in a couple of inches of tail from the front foot.For neck measure the neck circumference where usually the dog wears a collar and the length of the neck from the withers to the base of the skull.Measure your "waist" of the dog. In males this is the girth of the torso, not reaching a little to the reproductive organs. Females will have to look at the dog on the side.If you want to sew, tie or buy the dog poponku with long sleeves, measure the length of the dog leg from the armpit to the wrist bone. Don't forget to measure the rear legs of the dog in the widest part of the hips.
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How to measure the dogto buy her a harness.The most important figure when choosing a harness is the volume of the dog's chest. It is measured from a point behind the front leg of the dog, through the back, through the point for the second front paw of the dog under the stomach and again to the point where you started measuring.Measure the dog's neck, but not like a collar, and from withers and passing through the topmost point of the breast bone of the dog.Measure the distance from the withers to the point where you measured on the back circumference of the sternum.When choosing harnesses, remember that it should not sit on the dog very tightly. You should be able to slip two fingers between the dog and the harness.
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How to measure the dogto buy her couch.Since your dog mattress is mainly to sleep, and to measure you need a sleeping dog. At the same time look at exactly how your dog likes to snuggle to take a NAP. Some dogs prefer to curl in a ball, and they will be more comfortable oval basket with sides. Others like to stretch out on his side, so that the legs stuck out and they will definitely more suitable for the mattress-the bed.Measure your dog at its maximum length. The distance from nose to base of tail. A dog that loves to sleep curled up, measure in a standing position from the front legs to the rump.
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How to measure the dogto buy her a comfortable carrying.Measure the dog from withers to base of tail to see how long she needs carrying. For dogs small and medium breeds add to measurements 5 inches large 15 inches.Measure the distance from the highest point on the shoulder of your dog to the floor to determine the height of the cells carrying. Add 7.5 inches for dogs small and medium breeds and 15 inches for large breeds.
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