To win the trust

как сделать чтобы щенок спал ночью

That puppy you just recently brought from a breeder, does not Pat itself – it is a normal reaction. All dogs possess a different temperament: some are sociable, cheerful and easy going on contact, while others admit to himself only those whom you trust, avoiding touching from strangers. The puppy does not know you, so before the climb with hugs, show the animal that he can trust you. Don't insist on touch, but often talk to the dog, treat treat, when the puppy runs to you, engage the dog in play. Some time later, the puppy, and he will give you the fluffy side.

как приучить щенка к своему месту

If the puppy is at home for a while, but still not on contact, most likely, you somewhere made a mistake. The most common cause is that the puppy is too heavily criticized for any fault or the owners and not able to him explain the rules of conduct in the house, that puts the dog in a very awkward position. Try to restrain your enthusiasm of the trainer and often praise than punish the pet. Gradually your relationship will improve.

сонливость у собак при течке

Personal space

как определить течку у йорка

Like humans, dogs have their own space. Depending on the breed and personality, some dogs are willing to cuddle with each (as sometimes some sociable people), and others prefer to interact with a human at a certain distance, avoiding contact. If your puppy belongs to the second type, respect its interests. Intending to pet the animal, pay for his attention, calling by name, so the touch was not a surprise. Do not attempt to hug or to take on hand a sleeping or busy with their own Affairs of the puppy. In the case when you reached out, and the dog evades, it is not necessary to swear, defiantly to be offended or to lament that the dog doesn't like you. Back off, and after a few minutes, going to call the puppy to her, stroke it and treat treat.

когда у собаки начинается первая течка

The game

You reach out hoping to pull the puppy by the ear, but the animal may interpret this move as an offer to join the game and grab your brush sharp teeth. This does not mean that you have a growing aggressive and uncontrollable dog, it's just that he, like many kids, wants to play. To get your hands constantly suffering, encourage your pet to chew, catch and catch exclusively through toys and your limbs does not suitable. After a couple weeks of training, the puppy will begin to discern what he should do, will not be mistaken and had no problem giving to pet.