You will need
  • - USB drive;
  • - the firmware files.
When working with TV Philips it is important to choose the right version of the software. Please visit the official website of this company. Enter in a line of search the name of the desired model.
Select the tab "Software". Download the proposed firmware version that is appropriate for this model TV.
Extract the files from the downloaded archive. Prepare USB drive to work with the TV. Format the device to FAT32 or FAT16. Navigate to the folder that was unzipped the downloaded archive.
Copy the file upgrade.pkg to the root directory of the USB drive. Make sure that the TV supports the USB flash drive or external hard drive.
Turn off the TV. Connect the USB drive to the connector labeled SERV. This is a very important stage, because the feature of updating the firmware via USB channels may not be supported.
Turn on the TV. Wait some time until the scan completed USB drive. After determining the firmware file, the device automatically switches to the firmware update.
After the launch of the new menu press the Yes button and wait for changing software. At the time of implementation of this process is recommended to connect a TV to a working power source. This will prevent damage to the unit during a power outage.
If the TV is not able to independently determine the presence of the firmware in the drive, click settings and go to "firmware Upgrade". Run the scan of the flash drive and follow the steps described in the previous step.