If the plasma does not turn on, first verify that the device is initially connected to the power source (the mains).
Check if the voltage in the outlet is connected to a plasma TV (connect it to the voltage regulator).
If there's enough voltage, but the plasma screen does not illuminate or illuminates, but turns off immediately, this suggests that protection is included directly in the power supply. Check the power supply of the TV.
If the power supply is faulty, swipe it to repair or replace a power supply on the same model.
With the appearance of horizontal or vertical lines on plasma screen TV's, run diagnostics, matrix TV, the X and Y scans. If there is no possibility to repair them, replace these elements of the plasma TV.
In the case of the appearance of spots in the form of circles or ovals that replace the matrix of the plasma TV.
In the absence of the possibility of motherboard repair make replacement. The fault can be confirmed by the absence of sound signals (in this case the image on the screen will be).
The fault of the plasma TV could be caused by a software glitch. Please re-flash or restore the firmware the plasma TV.
In the case of mechanical damage to the plasma TV (screen cleaning detergents with abrasives, deep scratches from different items), the screen can not be repaired. It may require replacement.
Apply for the repair of the plasma at the appropriate service center. If the warranty card is still valid, you will not have to pay a dime.