The ban on pants for women in the Church is not so straightforward as it might seem. Some Christian keep it so jealously that not wearing pants is not only visiting the temple but also in everyday life. Other women point out that if you compare the pants and mini-skirt, the first option looks much more modest.

Paradoxically, the consensus on women's pants is not even among the priests.

Pants like men's clothing

Now few but historians remember that wearing pants when visiting the temple it was forbidden even to men. In the 9th century the Bulgarian Prince Boris was nearly refused the baptism of Bulgaria, the Byzantine priesthood was required to forbid his subjects... wearing pants, and not only in the temple: this form of clothing that is not characteristic of the Byzantine Empire, was considered "pagan".

In a later era that haven't been seen in the men's trousers is nothing that would contradict the Christian faith, and women up to the modern time did not wear trousers. Thus, the pants were understood as an attribute of the male.

The ban on wearing clothes of the opposite sex – both for men and women contained in the old Testament and the New Testament didn't cancel it. To a certain extent, this behavior was associated with sexual orientation, which is also condemned in the Bible, but there was another reason.

Dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex was a characteristic of pagan rites a magical character. Magic and everything connected with it, condemned by the Church always, spread this conviction and the wearing of male clothes by women – especially in the temple.

But precisely for this reason, some modern priests say that it is not necessary so hold tight to this prohibition. Pants have long lost the status of a solely men's clothing, there are slacks that will put on any man. The woman in these pants is not to say that she wore men's clothes, therefore, no reason not to let her in the temple.

Other reasons for the ban

Many priests still support the ban on women's pants, indicating that such clothing dictates certain behaviours that are incompatible with Christian standards. The skirt uncomfortable to sit in cheeky pose and the pants are very easy, and changing the way to keep yourself "pulls" the changing behavior and even nature.

The severity of the ban depends on how is configured the parishioners headed by a priest in a particular parish. Somewhere in the woman in pants may be more tolerant, some less, but in any case, to risk, in advance provoking a conflict, not worth it, especially during their first visit to the temple. Even if members are not inclined to begrudge them that, they'll see a woman in a skirt that knows and respects the rules of the Church, it will help to immediately establish a friendly relationship.

Moreover, it is not necessary to come to the pants to the monastery, even as ekskursanty – in the monasteries always adhere to more stringent rules.

On the other hand, if an experienced member saw in the temple a woman in pants, should not immediately pounce on her with reproaches. She may not have planned on this day the visit to the temple and went back in the time of violent emotion, in this state, man needs not the reproaches and words of comfort.