You will need
  • books of spiritual practices, time for practice
Actually, it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. But first we need to conduct some preliminary work on yourself. You need to believe that this is available not only to professional psychics, but also mere mortals. Faith in our own strength and ability doubles the chances of success. Thoughts that move in our head, do materialists, and therefore are an incredibly powerful means of influencing others. Many psychological studies have been proved one important fact is not the situation generates the events, and we are forming them.
The next step is an appeal to spiritual practices. For example, start to seriously practice yoga. This will clear all the chakras, which will further help in the attainment of secret knowledge. Also important is the accumulation of internal energy, which will allow you to control the minds of others, thereby suggesting to them thoughts and desires. Try to train the will and concentration on a specific object channel the consciousness of a specific image or person, representing that the action that they should take. Thanks to everyday exercise, it will get faster each time.
It is believed that the most successful time to send thoughts to any person is the period of sleep. At this moment occurs the most deep penetration of the subconscious in the information field. Use the frontal chakra – imagine that thoughts become cosmic flow that penetrates into the consciousness of another person through his parietal chakra. There the words that I instigated, formed in thought, that object will take her. At first it is better to use the photo, as it will help most effective effects.