You will need
  • - list of expenses and their planning;
  • the General idea of buying some expensive things.
To teach the husband to pay his salary or at least part of it is better while he's still not used to it and took a separate budget granted. Man needs to understand that family imposes on him certain obligations, including financial. Do not delay it indefinitely, fearing to hurt a gentle soul loved by their Mercantile interests. Then to instill in him the realization that money to give his wife much more difficult. Really, why give wife their hard earned, if earlier, we did perfectly well without these victims, it is logical he decides.
Married or start living together, immediately raise a delicate problem, whose funds you are, in fact, going to live? If you're a fan of equal relationships, discuss who and how many will pay money into a common pot. Your husband is not eager to give you all my salary, agree to pay current expenses (utilities, food, household appliances) chipped in proportion to the income each of you.
By the way, these ongoing costs can increase, saying that the amount that gives your betrothed, their coverage is not enough. Need more. If the husband starts to resist and to doubt the veracity of your words, ask him to go to the market and buy everything myself. Men, as a rule, do not know how to choose the goods and haggle, and walk throughout the store in search of something cheaper irritates them and brings sadness (whether due to the awareness of their own inadequacy, whether from features of the male temperament). Or try an experiment: collect all your receipts and show how much you spend on food. You can always find a more expensive product than you usually buy.
Another very good option is to agree on the total purchase, which, of course, you will need to save money. Can offer the car. Most men's favorite toy, and, most likely, they easily fall for this ploy. You just have to select the place where you will make money. Over time, the husband becomes accustomed to this state of things, and you don't have to beg him another handout.