Causes and symptoms of low level of white blood cells

The main reasons for the decrease of white blood cells in the body are: a strong depletion of the body, prolonged exposure to radiation, analgesics, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, anaphylactic shock, cancer, certain other diseases: influenza, rubella, typhoid, measles, malaria. A short-term decrease of white blood cells may be caused by a condition of excess, the characteristics of the diet. Norma leukocytes for men is 4.3-11.3 billion/l for females and 3.2-10.2 billion/L.

The primary signs of decreasing level of white blood cells: fever, rapid pulse, headache, General malaise, chills. Due to the weakening of the immune system is rapidly developing a variety of infections. Leukopenia an extreme degree due to a critical decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood, this condition can be dangerous to human life. At the advanced radiation doubles the risk of Contracting AIDS and neoplastic diseases, when severe lesions of the bone marrow production of white blood cells can break down entirely.

Treatment of leukopenia

For elimination of radiation necessary to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. You need to be sure to consult a specialist. If low white blood cell count in the blood was caused by chronic disease or immunodeficiency, to improve the state may appoint Immunostimulants – "Immunal", "Kamedonov" tincture of Siberian ginseng, Echinacea. To increase leukocytes after chemotherapy prescribe special drugs that increase the lifespan of white blood cells and accelerate their maturation and release from bone marrow. These tools include: "Methyluracil", "Lenograstim", "Stronger", "Neupogen", "Leykomaks", "Filgrastim" and others.

Plays an important role and nutrition. Leukopenia diet should consist of foods that improve the function of hematopoiesis. You must eat meals containing protein, vitamin B12, folic acid. Recommended vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries. Animal fats need to replace the plant. After consultation with the doctor, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine: take a decoction of oats or herbal teas specially selected medicinal herbs. To strengthen the immune system will be useful tempering procedures. Their systematic application improves the function of blood.