The white blood cells are called white blood cells, which is the core. The main function of white blood cells the immune, that is, protection of the body against foreign bacteria and toxins that enter the bloodstream. A condition in which the eosinophil count in peripheral blood falls below 4.0 x 109/l is called leukopenia. If the tests showed low white count, first of all make sure that the process of preparation of blood and urine tests were correct. The wrong preparation, the use of individual products the day before can lead to distorted indicators in the analyses. Be sure to show the test results to the pediatrician. He will give the necessary recommendations and provide advice to the experts.
Pay attention to what drugs your child has taken recently. Excessive use of antibiotics, administration of sulfonamides, some analgesics, may cause severe decrease of white blood cells. You should try to exclude these drugs from use.
If leukopenia accompanied by dizziness, weakness, maybe it is a result of the decrease in protective functions of the body. In such cases strengthen the immune function of the body of the child. Consult your doctor regarding the use of dietary Supplements (special immunomodulirutaya substances).
The state of leukopenia is often associated with battery condition when depressed immune power of the body. If the decrease in white blood cells is due to this condition, give your child all the components needed to strengthen and improve immunity. Also be sure to include the use of vitamins during this period.
A decrease of leukocytes in the blood can be a symptom of diseases caused by severe viral or bacterial infections and symptom of renal failure, bone marrow problems, certain forms of leukemia, radiation sickness, anaemia, anaphylactic shock. With the help of doctor is recommended to prevent these diseases (need more research), then the expert will be assigned the appropriate treatment.