People go shopping mainly shopping. There buy something useful, beautiful, useful. But it's hard to even imagine the painstaking work done by employees of the trading industry to meet the needs of the buyer to offer a quality product.

The history of the profession of merchandise

Merchandiser – one of the oldest professions, which is efficiently taught in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union, and today in Russian Federation. The term "commodity" means a "connoisseur goods", as in the Sanskrit "Veda" - knowledge.

That should be able merchandise?

Merchandiser - true connoisseur of the product, he is well versed in the quality of many products. Few minutes competent merchandiser to distinguish quality products from poor quality. Sometimes it is enough just one gaze of the technician to reject leather products, for example, made of different quality pieces. But there are cases when the organoleptic method (smell, color, taste, etc.) marriage cannot be determined.

Then, the merchandiser starts to use their knowledge in the laboratory, where he feels confident, because he knows a large number of guests, can learn about the structure, determine the grade to check the safety of the product. To do this he must be literate in physics and chemistry and even Microbiology. The modern market dictates new requirements specialist. Pricing, marketing, scientific research, modern technology, quality control, forecasting and analysis of consumer market – all the knowledge that applies merchandiser in their daily work, and therefore he should be guided in all these areas freely.

The merchandise is interesting and varied

Merchandiser explores consumer demand for products, forms of application industry on its release, controls the supply of the goods in necessary quantity and assortment, good quality and in a timely manner, checks quality of the product that is re-circulated, the applicable specifications and Standards.

Commodity constitute a contract with the suppliers, monitor availability of products in the warehouse, control stocks in each group. Merchandiser is responsible for observance of rules of storage of packaging materials and goods.